Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THIS Father's Day

So Father's Day is this Sunday and I'm excited because tho we're not OFFICIALLY parents, we are nearly parents. And since I'm still working (I wont be once baby is here) I decided to go big this Father's Day for Justin. I bought him a GRILL! (Now you may be wondering why I'm announcing this now before the BIG day but Justin is in NYC for the week and I know he won't be reading this!)

On top of all that, I decided to SPRING CLEAN the house while he's gone this week--organize our office and I started a family tree and I even found and cleaned out old pictures of his father, Bodo Knuth. (He passed away in 1988 when Justin was a little boy).

So I am going to frame some and put the rest in a photo album. (They've been buried away for years in the garage along with a million other unorganized photos!) So anyway, I'm excited...I hope he likes it.

Also--I worked myself pretty hard yesterday and still have tons to do--I couldn't sleep last night and I have to work all day today, sooooo I'm unfortunately sick.

And It's a scorching 95 degrees..so I'm feeling sickly. Well really sick to be honest. I feel like I may puke any second now.

Well I'm going to try to relax some in my down time (before it gets busy again) and maybe tonight I'll rest more than work.

Until next time!


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  1. Man, he is going to love that present!! It'so sweet and thoughtful!! P.S. when is your official due date?

    Love you!


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