Sunday, June 2, 2013

Boot camp: Week 2 and adjustments

This week will start week 2 of boot camp.
I'm sore. I'm stiff...
I can't do selfies
...but I'm pushing through.

It helps a lot to go to bed with a clean/organized house and everything ready to go--because 5:30am sneaks up pretty quick.

However this past two weeks, the number on the scale hasn't been my friend.

I'm teetering around 10-15lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.
Like I've mentioned before, I gained around 50lbs.
(During pregnancy I can look at a french fry and absorb the calories without even eating's a special power--try not to be jealous.)

angel baby sleeping
I have been eating a LOT better than my usual diet of Blizzards and cakes.
But once or twice a week I have a slip up.
Or, in some cases, I choose to have a dessert--or over indulge.

Austin is known for having some of the best places to eat--and I choose to live life :) so, yes I eat.
Which makes it hard to lose.

I also went into Nordstroms yesterday to try on swimsuits.
Oy, if THAT didn't help me diet better...than, I'm hopeless ;)

Actually, sad thing is...hubs brought me a chocolate cheesecake last night
and, well I couldn't let it go to waste...sooooo, yea..guilty :/

Regardless of the cheesecake slip up,
I have been consistent in my workouts.
On the days between boot camps I have been getting out with the jogger stroller,
or I strap Kix on and go for a walk/hike (when Papa J has Kie)
OR...I have been riding on my stationary bike.
I also started the squat challenge....(want more details, email me!)

My legs have been super sore from all the agility workouts and I know I needed to keep them moving on my off days for the lactic acid not to build up.

Also, I have been using my beloved medicine ball--and I really, realllllyyyyy want to get a heavier wall ball. But, they're a bit pricey.

SO, that brings me to my next part.

We have a gym membership that is rarely utilized. 
In fact, I want to cancel it a lot but now that it's hot out--we use it for the pools. And they've got great pools!

However, I'm not ready to put Kix in the nursery during my workouts--and since I don't have Justin around during the work week much
I have been thinking about going to the gym when it opens in the morning.
Like on the days between boot camp.

So, MWF is bootcamp. (6:30am-7:30am)
Then I could T-TH to the gym? (5:30am-6:45am)

I would aim to be at the gym by 5:30am so that Justin could get to work early like he likes.
My plans at the gym are to lift weights.
I tend to get enough cardio during the week, so I'd use this time to get strong again.
I want to build muscle in my arms and back.

It's a lot of days of waking up ridiculously early.
But, I just don't have the time during the day---or during the evening with the two babies to go to the gym.
Maybe when Kix is older I'll feel better about leaving him in the nursery. BUT, truth is--I'd feel a bit of guilt.
And when I wake up in the ams before everyone else has even started their days, helps me not feel so bad for working out.

MOM guilt is the worse.
I may be working out to be healthier, but it still bothers me to find ME time.
SO, if I do it extra early---then I won't feel so bad for having that time.

ANYWAY--that's the plan.

Bootcamp MWF
Weights/Gym T/TH
sunset run
Saturday-Family walk/hike or swim
Sunday- day of rest (with a fun swim/Lake time)

I don't want to burn myself out---
and I don't think I will.
I will take it easy when I feel like it's too much.
It's just the inner athlete that loved structure, practice and weight lifting is still in me.
She is ready to be strong again.

PLUS, this gal loves to eat.
Not only do I have an inner athlete, but I have an inner fat girl that likes to be fed ;)
So, in order for me to have the occasional dessert...I need to workout.

On that note,
I do expect to stay the same weight--or teeter around on the heavier side.
Muscle gains are expected and with the protein I consume and protein shakes--I expect to stay a bit heavier.

However, I know muscle looks a lot better than fat. So, I'll take that trade.
alright, this momma has gotta go,
lots to do!

Until next time,
modeling a necklace for my bff--she said I looked thin! hey o! looks spandex can be deceiving ;)
my beautiful mom and Kix
beautiful Townlake with my two littlest loves
I love this city!
What other city can you have a bit of COUNTRY right smack dab in the city?
* wild flowers and sunset on our family walk*


  1. I was super nervous to leave EK in the gym childcare center. I'm very thankful that the ladies who watch the kids are just precious, and EK has such a good time playing with the other kids. I know they adore having a "little" baby to dote on, too :) Mom guilt stinks, but a lot of times we have absolutely nothing to back that guilt but our own thoughts. Making a little time for me helps everyone out in the course of our day. Whatever you do, you've got this!

    1. MOM GUILT is the worse--and we can be our own worse enemy!
      I'm glad you love the daycare at your gym! I'm sure it's easy to dote on EK ;) she's so precious!
      I don't mind taking Kie to nursery because he loves to play with all the toys and kids--I just cant manage to bring both kids yet! one day, I'm sure ;) thanks for the encouragement!


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