Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 7 Months, Kix!

I never got to my SEVEN month post on Kix Knuth.
Seriously, that baby boy is growing! 

Just a few things Mr. J. Kix is up to these days...

First off, HE CRAWLS!
He started crawling a few weeks shy of his 7 month birthday.
So, at 6 months he was crawling.

Like I've said before....the baby is rarely put down unless I'm taking his picture....SO HOW is he crawling?

He also is now trying to stand. He pulls himself up on the shelf, the couch or me.
He started that a few days ago.
He also goes from tummy to knees, to sitting up seemlessly.
Oh me.
I am so not use to this because Kie didn't start crawling till 9 months and wasn't walking until after his 1st birthday. So, this is all new too me.

I rarely get things done unless it's the dead of night because I have to watch two kids go two different ways.
They are both into everything now!
Kix gets lodged under things a lot, like the shelves or the couch/chairs.

Kie and Kix still are best buds.
However, Kie has been getting a bit rougher with him.
Mainly because Kix is now being a bit more assertive.
Kix crawls over and grabs toys, or grabs Kie by the hair or shirt for his attention.
It's pretty amusing.

I think Kie thinks Kix is able to roll with the punches. Literally and figuratively. 
Kix is also very LOUD.
He constantly is talking and screeching.
Pretty much every night there is a scream contest at dinner.

I don't know if Kix is all wound up and excited to have Justin home...
or what the deal is, but Kie and Kix just start screeching.

We're a loud bunch!

Kix is also the baby, baby.
He loves to be held.
Needs to be cuddled often
and he likes to be held to sleep.

He did start sleeping well on his own this month and sometimes like his own space...but not to the extent that Kie does.

My boys are a lot of fun, wild, loud and it's never dull when they're up together.
I definitely predict Kix to be the wilder one of the two.
I love his fun little personality and how loving he can be.

When I nurse, he rubs my arm back and forth or places his sweet little chubby hand on my face.

He also have THE BIGGEST blue eyes and longest beautiful eyelashes...
He also has the cutest, fattest cheeks and precious dimples.
On top of all the cuteness, he also is GREAT at crying.
Like, when he cries he has massive crocodile tears.

Kie never cried.
Or when he did, there were no tears and it was short lived.
Kix, on the other hand, loves to cry to tell you what's up and that "I NEED TO BE HELD RIGHT NOW!"

Most days, I dream of having octopus arms ;)

Also, Kix is still wearing size 3 diapers and his weight has leveled off.
He is 19 lbs (probably slimmed up because all the moving) and he is still breastfed.
He doesn't eat a lot of solids.
In fact, he may eat solids every 3-4 days max.
He isn't big into solids still.
But, his favorite if he had to pick would be mushed sweet potato, mango and millet.

He also has two bottom teeth and no new ones yet.
Thank goodness for me!

His favorite things: 
standing, screeching in church, being held, making funny faces and noises, blowing raspberries, splashing in the tub, his brother and his silly daddy.
Of course, he loves me but I am probably not as fun as the above people and things ;)

However, Momma is the one who can stop him crying faster than anyone ;)

Anyway, that's my 7 month post on my sweet little squishy Kix man.
Stay tuned for more coming soon!
oh and be prepared for picture overload!


playing with brother 
always holding hands 

already into cars! checking on the transmission 

Standing up!

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