Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE SCALE MOVED...and updates!

The scale moved!

It's seriously not that big of a deal--but, it's been nice to see it moving after a few weeks of NOT moving.

Of course of all days that it drops the most was when I had a milkshake?
That baffles me...

I got a small one at Sonic the other day and went home to check the calories on Myfitnesspal (come find me yall Fitmomma918) after it was completely consumed...um, HELLO it was nearly 1,000 calories!

I was astounded!
So, that night once the babies were in bed...I jumped on my stationary bike and rode for what seemed like hours.
It was just one hour.
And I burned 400 calories.
I still was FAR from burning off that darn milkshake.

*I haven't had ice cream or a milkshake in maybe two months. Which is a long time for me. lol

But, to my pleasant surprise I woke to find the scale had jumped DOWN.
Why does it do that?
Was I under eating the past few weeks? 
I seriously doubt it.
But, to make sure--I weighed myself a few times and even took a picture of the scale and sent it to my friend.
So that way I knew my eyes were seeing right.

I'm now about 5lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.
However, it's kinda an iffy number because when we got pregnant I was bouncing around 5lbs or so.
So, technically I COULD say I'm 10lbs from pre-pregnancy weight--depending on where you wanna start.

I am saying 5lbs so I won't get discouraged.
However, I still have lots to lose after that.

I'm still considered 'overweight' by my BMI.
So, I'm aiming to lose more...
but I am taking it one day at a time.

Also, in other news---
I skipped boot camp yesterday.
Bad decision.

But do you wanna hear my excuse?
Because most people have 'good' excuses for skipping workouts ;)
Well, the night before Kix was up ALL night.
It's like he knows I need to be up at 5am and wants to help out by waking me every hour.
I was so worn out by 4AM I turned off my alarm and slept in till 6:00am.

It was a bad decision because the whole day I felt I didn't accomplish much.
My workouts start the day on an energetic, positive note.
I wake up... still half asleep, fumbling around to get dressed, grab a Clif bar and head to the car with a yoga mat, weights and water in hand.
I turn on KLove, say my morning prayers and watch the sun come over the lake and the city.

Seriously, it can't get much better than prayers with Jesus in the quiet hours.

Then, an hour later I'm covered in sweat, regretting my Clif bar--and trying not to puke on my kids.
--J meets me at Auditorium Shores...and I get the kiddos.
We head home where I shower and start my day all before 8am.

I am more productive. I get an endorphin rush and I have a clear mind.
I love how God made exercise for us.
He made it so that we can have a natural high
No need for drugs!

ANYWAY--today has been a fabulous day with the boys...
I was extra blessed today with an HOUR (YES AN HOUR YALL!) of alone time.
Justin came home at 5:30 and let me go to the gym.
Mind you, my husband is never home at 5:30. He works 14-16 hour days typically.

So this hour alone was amazing.
I felt like a new woman.
I opted for a trail versus the gym.
I wanted to lift weights but when I got there and realized how beautiful it was out--besides it being a billion degrees--I decided to try for a run.

It was cathartic.
I haven't RAN by myself sans two kids in months.

so yes today was great.
And tomorrow will also be great because it's boot camp day and I need to have my hiney put in line.

well, I'm gonna leave yall with some pictures from the past weekends...

Kie has been going to swim lessons every week--I need to upload the go-pro videos of him swimming underwater...that lil guy is a fish!
And we have been spending a few days on the lake!

PS- I promise to do a BEFORE/AFTER post...it's just un-nerving to post the said BEFORE pic. But, I will share once I lose these last 5 pounds! Nearly there :)

Also, stayed tuned for house pics!

until next time,
Sneak Peek of the house (I have been moving around my furniture)
sweet Meme & Kix
I always wanted a family so I could have these on my car...ha! Guess which one is me!
out on the boat--Kix man snacking away on a teething cookie
Kie fishing in the 'Alphabet Sea'
One of my favorite games in my mom's Kindergarten class.
-Magnets and paper clips--and you got yourself some fun!
Kie helped me cut and make the fish
Kie working at the Home Depot Kiddie Class...
he made an awesome wooden lawnmower a few weeks back :)

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