Sunday, June 30, 2013

weekend updates and weight loss

June just flew by y'all!

So, I never got to post last weekend's fun so here it is!

Last weekend my family came in (my mom and dad) to visit. Seriously, my favorite times includes my family! Love them so!

We had plans to go to the lake but Justin ended up working so we spent Saturday morning at Town Lake doing some walking/jogging.  While us ladies (and Kix) went to exercise, Dad and Kie went to the Kiddie Workshop Class at Lowes.

We have been having lots of fun making stuff at Home Depot and Lowes during their kiddie classes!
Chelsea, Mom, Me at Habanero's
This time Kie got to make a wooden 'Monsters Inc' box.  Kie loves it because he puts his little cars in it.
And his picture of me.

Get this y'all,
he found this old Senior High school picture of me that he LOVES! He often times props it on his dresser during bedtime so that "Mommy can watch me!" It's pretty cute!

I think he likes it because I'm wearing a glittery outfit.

As for Saturday, Mom, Kix and I went to do some shopping for swimsuit cover ups...(notice I said swimsuit cover ups, not actual swimsuits!) We also did some more running around for some beach items we needed.  Afterwards we met up with all the men, including Justin and Chelsea to eat at Habanero Cafe.

We had been wanting to go there for awhile but it's always busy or it has been under construction. It's voted one of the top Mexican restaurants in Austin--which says a lot since we have about a billion awesome Mexican restaurants.

Needless to say, I ate my weight in chips, salsa, queso and enchiladas. It was sooo good!
Aftewards, we got home--got the kiddos to sleep and my parents said that J and I could have some time to go out if we wanted.  We thought about going to the movies, but considering I don't sleep most nights I figured I'd pass out asleep in a movie.
Plus, I'm not one to sit too long, 
so we decided to get some coffees and desserts at Mozart's on the Lake and take a walk.

If you've never been to Mozart's--it's a great spot! They have every kind of coffee, tons of decadent desserts, gelato and ice creams-- and they have live music!
J, Dad and Kix (not picture Kie, whose on the other side)
Plus, you can't beat the atmosphere :)

J and I got our coffees and walked down to the boat ramps to sit and watch the fishermen go out for some night fishing.  I think there must of been some fish tournament going on.

It was a beautiful starry night and the breeze off the lake kept us nice and cool.
We stayed out a little over an hour or so, but that small little break was nice.
We rarely get an hour to sit and talk.  Usually at home, we are both multi-tasking while catching up.
Plus, anytime spent in nature are my favorite.

I told J that I felt right at home in the city because watching the men going out to fish reminded me of the 'good ole boys of Northeast Texas'!  I even saw a guy sporting a Confederate flag swim, if you think all of us Austin folk are liberals then you don't know Austin ;)

The next day we had church and took it easy (from what I can recall since I'm writing this a week later).  Btw, this is one of the reasons I blog--my mom brain can't remember what I had for lunch! 
Church was great as usual--and I've been loving sharing church time with the ushers in the breezeway. We're becoming good friends!

As for this past week, we've been busy having fun and keeping cool.
We have been painting a lot and coloring.
And of course, I've been getting things ready for vacation.
It's also been 'off week' for boot camp so I've had a bit of a break from working out.
WHICH hasn't been good because I need the push of a good workout. However, we all have been under the weather, so maybe a small break is ok.

AND LASTLY for my HOT MOM Update,

well I saw my pre-pregnancy weight!
I saw it today actually!
I went out with a friend yesterday afternoon and splurged on some dessert, so last night I decided to spend some extra time on the stationary bike (and watch a movie).
It's becoming one of my favorite things to do once the babies are down.

ANYWAY--low and behold, I saw my pre-pregnancy weight today! So I'm guessing that extra time helped counteract that chocolate!
Hopefully I can maintain the weight before my 'official' weigh in for the Doctor come Wednesday. Just my annual check-up! But I figured it would be nice to know an official weigh in--via the doctor scale.

I'm excited because it's been a long road--however, I was able to lose my pre-pregnancy weight a lot easier and quicker this time! 8months!
But I still have a ways to go until I'm at a weight I'm comfortable with.
I still want to build muscle and become stronger.
And, I have been wanting to get better at wake boarding and need some stronger muscle to help me reach my goals.

ANYWAY, I'm still not back into pre-pregnancy jeans...
but I'm nearly there. I'm a work in progress!

So YAY for that!

As for this weekend, we took it easy---we even skipped church.
I'm sad about it, but since I'm still feeling bad and the kids are just now getting over their cold I decided it was best we steer clear of others...

Only 4 days until we will be heading to the BEACH!
I'm ready for some salty air, the sun and the sea and some amazing seafood!

And of course, to see my family!!!

Until next time,


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