Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day weekend and recents

Hey friends, happy Wednesday!
I love Wednesdays...because they're the middle of the week which means the weekend is nearly here-and they are a boot camp day!

I have a love/hate for boot camp.

It's hard waking up so early while my household is snoozing away and quiet---but, once I'm in the middle of a workout (especially after) I love it.

I enjoy my endorphins. They are God-given and natural.
I also like the way it feels when I'm covered in sweat from exerting myself.
I'm thankful for two legs, two arms and a body that is able.

Whenever I feel like giving up, I think of the people who are not fortunate to be able to get out of bed on their own.  For those that can't easily walk or run.
I think how I am blessed to be able, so I don't take that for granted.

I also think of those weeks I spent on bed rest during pregnancy.
How I ached to be active again.
How I dreamed of being able to run, bend, squat or jump with ease.
I'm active because I'm able.
I'm active because I'm in gratitude for the ability to do so.
It's something I do NOT take for granted.

Also, I know these days are fleeting and one day I may not be able to.
But for now. I do.

I push myself.
I may not be the fastest.
I may come in dead last.
But, I push myself.

On that note...
this is my last week of boot camp before we take a week break.
Then we will resume another 4weeks.
It goes in cycles.

And for those that are curious--we do HIIT, light weight training with some low-impact endurance sprinkled in.
Think of lots of circuit training that keeps your heart rate up--and steady--and add in some fast sprints and a few longer, slow runs. 
We do this for an hour. 
Short but efficient! Which is exactly what a mommy needs!

As for this past weekend...
it was wonderful.

My dad came into town and I love seeing him.
It's no secret I'm a Daddy's girl.

Friday night we went to eat at a Tex-Mex place less than a mile away I forgot about (love urban-living).
There was the great authentic mariachi band.
We listened to them for awhile and Kie danced.
Then he ran over to the violinist to tip him. lol
Kie loves violins!

My dream is for Kie to play violin.
We were gifted a child-sized violin by my aunt and it's waiting for him in his closet when he is old enough.

Saturday, Justin, Dad and Kie did man things during the day (you know running to Lowes, Home Depot, Land Rover, an Art Store) while me and Kix had the house to ourselves.

They also set up Kie's new trampoline
And before you start to judge, it's a little one.
It has netting and extra padding all around.  It's also lowered to the ground and enclosed. Basically, it's extremely hard to hurt yourself in it. 
And believe me, Kie has tried.
(Btw, you can get one at Sam's Club, if interested.)

We also set up Kie's big boy bed.
I have been buying Kie's bedding over the past few weeks and it's so cute all together.
I'll post pictures soon! (We are also about to repaint his room, so I'll wait until then.)

That night we went out to eat at Texas Land and Cattle and afterwards we went for a nice walk around Audiotorium Shores and to play at the splash pad at the Liz Carpenter Fountain.
I love it because it lights up different colors at night!

Sunday we had an early breakfast at Kerbey Lane (egg white California omelette--my fav) and we went to church.  After church we hit up Zilker's Botanical Gardens.

It was so beautiful but OH so hot! Lol.
I think I may of sweat off 5lbs :)

But, we wore out Kie and he had lots of fun looking for dinosaurs in the Pre-historic Gardens. And I personally loved the Japanese gardens...
Overall, a beautiful weekend full of lots of fun and love.

As for this week, I've been busy with the kiddos.
Kie has been 'studying' about ocean-animals since we are heading the beach soon.
We also have been going to Whole Foods and Central Market getting lots of fresh, organic produce.
I let Kie pick out a few things.  He has been picking watermelons and grapes! I think he could live off those if I let him! 

I've been doing decent on the clean eating. Not perfect. But, I'd say about 80-90% of my diet is clean.
I still splurge with my coffee and creamer (it's my next thing to phase out)
but otherwise, eating has been going well.
There is the rare occasion when I think of how nice it would be to have a Diet Dr. Pepper or a breakfast taco, but I resist and I'm always grateful when that urge passes.

I definitely feel I have more energy and that my skin seems to be clearing up.
I am still hanging around 4lbs pre-pregnancy weight but I'm sure in time it will come off.
My goal is to get back into my pre-Kix jeans before September!
(Mind you, my shape has changed some--so though my weight is getting close I'm still two jean sizes away!)

Well, I'm about to get to cleaning the house while Justin has Kie outside.
They're cleaning up my flower beds! lol

Until next time,

Kie loves for Kix to sit in his lap

Kix loves to practice standing up on Kie

Kie at Texas Land and Cattle

De-cluttered the living room 
both men reading their magazines
Kix likes what he sees!
LOVE my city!
This is my view from boot camp :)
Father's Day walk 
Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughn

Love ALL of these guys! I'm a blessed gal!
At the Pre-Historic Park, look what we spotted!
Texarkana is only 375 miles from Austin!
 the Botanical Gardens 
Handsome daddy and babies 
LOVE my Kie Kie! Exploring in the gardens 
Love my little (social) butterfly!

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