Sunday, June 2, 2013

life lately

Summer time seems to make the days fly by, even with the days longer....but boy is it sweet!

I don't know what it is..but time speeds by me.

Kix is already 7 months and I have a post I need to do on that, too.
He is Mr. Everywhere!

Having two mobile kids is a lot harder than I expected.
I'm worn out by the end of the day, but oh my heart is so full! I'm even more excited for the days to come when Kix is outside running with me and Kie.  If I'm not in shape by now, I for sure will be then! :)

Kix started crawling a few weeks short of his 7 month birthday.
Honestly, the baby is rarely put down on the ground...
So HOW he learned to crawl, beats me!?
He seemed to pick up crawling in one day--never did the rocking, just started moving.
He has been itching to keep up with his big brother :)

The love between those two is a beautiful thing.
I'm blessed everyday because of them.
And I forever pray to my sweet Jesus that they stay forever best friends.
I may be a girl (the sister) but I love my two brothers :)
 And with sweet boys like I've been blessed with...I'm sure they'll be just as close too!

ON to other news...

I am spontaneous like that.
I just...cut it off!

We had been playing and swimming--and I felt bad that his hair kept getting into his eyes.
 So, after a bath--I plopped him into his highchair, made him a delicious lunch---turned on some cartoons to keep him still--and snipped, snipped away!

It looked really good! 
I was impressed with my cutting skills.
AND he was great for me!
And so, for a reward I gave him a lollipop.

Now, if you know me...we rarely RARELY get extra sugars or sweets. (Those are saved for me, lol)
In fact, I think this was Kie's second lollipop. Lol.

He loves his new hair cut. And I love it too.
It was a special time for both of us. Because instead of getting it done elsewhere---by someone we didn't know...I did it :) which made letting go of those long locks a lot easier.

Every weekend we have something going on, company in town--or somewhere we gotta be.
I don't know how we will fit everything in these short few weeks.

Our house projects are mounting and I'm itching to do a lot of DIY projects.
However, time---like I've mentioned, flies by!

Also, we have been super fortunate in Central Texas with the weather.
Sure, it may get a little warm...but most days are pretty nice out.
So, we have been getting outside a lot.

Kie loves playing in his truck still--(and working on it) and he loves playing in the water.
AND, most of all--he loves SWIMMING.
I definitely have a little water baby--- and Kix seems to be the same.
I love hitting up the trails with my two lil guys--Austin has some of the best places to run--and of course, we love getting out on the lake.
I'm ready to be out on the lake today with friends!

Well, I gotta get ready for church but I'll leave with some pictures!
Oh, stay tuned! I am going to be posting some body pictures and some of my workouts.
I still have a ways to go, but I'm a work in progress!

until next time,
pre-hair cut obviously!

He is going to be a little heart breaker
Flowers from my sweet boys

pushes himself up from a crawling to a sitting position already!

love this 
long hair BEFORE picture
AFTER, loving his lollipop!
too cute!
he makes the best faces

mr. big eyes
first watermelon of the season 

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