Sunday, June 30, 2013


This post was meant for FRIDAY--but just now was able to post because of technical issues!

Bonjour friends...

We are in vacay COUNTDOWN mode!
Technically, I've been counting down for months.
And like the typical slacker that I am, I believe that I can lose 20lbs in the two days BEFORE vacation and build a 6-pack but that doesn't look like it will happen.
I'm a pro-procrastinator.

In my university days, I would often pull ALL nighters at the PCL studying for finals and writing my final essays....
and low and behold, here I am now---thinking the same thing--that I can DO IT ALL the night before! However, now it's with a lot less pressure.
A LOT less pressure.

::give me a few minutes to daydream about my days as a UT student, ahhhhhh!::

Seriously, life was nice then...
but not NEAR as great as it is now.
Don't get me wrong, I have bad and low days...but the joy I have from marriage and having babies for sure outweighs any 'joys' I had in college.

However, if I could have anything from those days.... 
it would be nice to have my sweet little condo in downtown Austin again.

I think of how I'd make it a MOM haven.
It wouldn't smell of diapers...
and I would NOT be cleaning up countless amounts of sticky finger foods and wiping off almond butter off things...


A momma can dream ;)

For real though, we're in COUNTDOWN phase.
Least, I am.

As a mom packing for's imperative you start early!
I started last week.
Mainly I started pulling out all the suitcases and bags we would need.

We are staying one night on the road, in Biloxi-Gulfport and then we are staying a week in Pensacola.

We have to pack a beach tent, our chairs, our umbrellas, a pop up tent for the babies, towels, a cot for Kie, a pack n' play for Kix, a stroller, a Bumbo, my suitcase, the babies suitcases, countless amounts of diapers and wipes, J's stuff, the beach toys, Justin's scuba stuff...some cleaning supplies (yall better believe I clean hotel bathrooms!) dvds, books, Kie's babies and countless other items!

I don't pack light, y'all!
I just don't!

Sure, we may NOT need 9/10th's of the things we bring, but by golly if we do, I'll have it!! :)

ANYWAY, I'm so pumped to see ALL my family at the beach.
We make it a big huge, week long party!
It is wild, it is loud but it is SO full of love.

We eat and drink and we're merry!

As for today, well...both my kiddos are under the weather.
Seems we have picked up a little cold virus...
Kie has been handling it well but Kix cannot breath.
So for the last two nights, it's been awful!

Last night was probably a top contender in my ROUGHEST nights.
Kix was so congested and coughing,
hot husband!
then add in my sore throat and feeling bad--
and yea, I was a zombie.

Thank goodness for J,
he stepped up and held the baby for me!
He had worked till midnight or so last night and was up all night with me--then left for work at 6am.

My husband continues to impress me! He is like a machine!

Speaking of,
I  do have to brag on my man :)
And I do this as humbly as I can.
He got to wakeboard with Shaun Murray, a four-time World Champion yesterday!
I also like that Shaun is such a great example of a Christian man, too! He uses his platform and is a light in this world.  Anyway, J had a lot of fun and got to get some great lessons from THE man of wake boarding.

(If you're an avid wakeboarder like my husband then you probably appreciate this tidbit lol)

As for today, Kie, Kix and I have lots to do! My house is a wreck and we are still packing/gathering/washing/shopping/spring cleaning...and this weekend we hope to spend some time out on the water.

PS--I forgot to share about last weekend...
I'll do a post on that next!
J and I had a mini date night...
such a rarity!

Until next time,

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  1. Oh my goodness! Kix has DIMPLES??? how adorable! I can't wait until we make it to Texas sometime soon..hopefully for Christmas!


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