Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is in session!

Such a beautiful day today! I am so happy for the cooler weather!

Well just a quick update, I rather do quick short blogs because then I end up with novels once a week or so.  

So this past weekend me and Justin went to our lamaze class.  It went better than I expected.  It was at the Northwest St. David's Hospital and it was so nice! Too bad our St. David's isn't finished yet with the construction! (They are re-doing the whole women's wing after Baby Kie is due!) Of course! But it's ok, the nurses and staff seem great and that's what truly matters.

We learned a lot of relaxation techniques and Justin was a trooper to sit there 5 hours with me!  Luckily it was very partner involved.  And there were a lot of men!  It was an experience I won't forget.  Tho I don't know if I learned a whole lot.

Saturday the Horns also lost to UCLA.  So, I wasn't too sad I missed watching most the game.  But, this year is a rebuilding year for us.  And we needed to see what it feels like to lose once and awhile. I think Gilbert needs to be humbled some.

Also that night Justin and I met up with my mom, brother, Grant, Rachel, Patrick, Chelsea and Jordan to eat at Freddie's on 1st street.  It was great seeing everyone and having a fun, relaxed dinner even w/Texas's loss.  

Then Sunday me and Justin went to a newlywed sunday school class at our church.  Ideally I wanted to go to the expecting parents one, but we ended up in this one instead.  It was so good!  It's a 7 month class for newly weds and engaged couples and I'm so excited to see the things God's going to reveal to us.  Just in the one class we went to I felt so very blessed and learned a lot about the role of the wife and husband.  And the teachers were so great!

I truly love my church and wish I had been more active prior to pregnancy. But, oh well.  Better late than never!  

(Justin also loved our class and we can't wait to go back next week!)

After church we went to tour the L&D wing of the hospital.  I lasted about an hour and then I started to feel so horrible!  I felt I was going to pass out.  I don't know if it was the reality of the birthing coming up or the smells of the hospital or the hour of walking around...whatever it was, it got to me and the leading nurse of the tour noticed I was looking sickly.  She asked if I needed a wheelchair, I declined and just said I needed to go home.

Once home, I spent it in bed snacking and watching TV all day while my sweet husband worked outside in the cooler weather.  

It was a very great, relaxed and productive weekend!  

As of right now I'm washing my first load of baby Kie's clothes!! 
I've already cried twice today.  Just imagining his little face and his little body and his little diapered bottom.  Ah, I'm such a cry baby!  And I don't care who knows!  

I still have to go to the grocery store today and make dinner.  I promised Justin a big steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus for dinner.  He'll be working late so I have time to get it all done.  

For the rest of the evening I plan to wash the rest of Kie's clothes, maybe start on his blankets and wash a load of our own things.  And tidy the house up a bit! (Tho it's pretty clean) and maybe write some more thank you's!  

This is my official last week of work and I can't wait to just be a SAHM.  Though I'm scared of not having my "own money" I'm so ready to put all my trust in God and work on a budget. 
Money of course is a great thing, but it can also lead to many UN-great things. I've been prepping for the one salary house-hold for awhile, cutting coupons and looking for bargains has been a new hobby.

Plus, like they say--all the best things in life are free.  <3 <3

well, this little momma has got to get her large and in charge behind (and massive belly) to HEB.  

Until next time,


Some of Kie's receiving blankets, all ready in his drawer.

Burnt orange blanket from the Haydel family.  I love it!
Me and my sweet sister in law! Dueling bellies both with little boys! 

candid shot from the shower

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