Friday, September 3, 2010

Personal Pin Cushion

Large and in charge! 

I feel like I have a lot to write but in reality I guess I don't.  Currently I'm sitting in the non-stress test room for my 3 hour glucose test.  It's not been that bad.  Yes, the duration of time to complete this test hasn't been fun, but otherwise, the dimmed, cold room and leather chair are very nice.  Plus, I came prepared!  Two books (I've not touched) my laptop (thank goodness for open wireless networks) and my Blackberry.  My arms are getting a bit sore from being pricked so much.  I feel like I'm a personal pin cushion! Not to mention I bruise like a peach, and getting blood drawn 4 times makes me look like I have a drug problem.

Currently I'm 29 weeks and 3 days.  Not that long to go.  And lil Kie, isn't so little! Apparently my boy is a big one.  Just like his 10 lb daddy was when he was born, oh my!

This past week has been pretty good! (Besides the news that I failed my glucose test) We got a BEAUTIFUL water feature from my Uncle Luke! He owns his own landscape company here in Austin. He is also doing some flagstone around the yard and adding some more grass and some more flowers!  We have beautiful grass but since our massive trees provide so much shade it prevents grass from growing.

 I took a picture of it at night, doesn't do it justice!

I will definitely have more pictures of the yard once it is all finished and also when it's DAY time...
But, just the sound of the water bubbling over the big rock and onto the smooth rocks on the ground is so nice.  I love it!  We are also getting a colored light to go into it this weekend.  Can't wait till it's cool enough to sit outside and enjoy it (without mosquitoes taking me away!)

Also, I made Justin a shirt the other day online.  The concept is cuter then the shirt its, but here it is.

It looks better on him!

He's worn it twice since it came in last week and every time he does, people always comment how they like it.   I mean, obviously it's a cute shirt to wear when I'm walking beside him all big and prego with my belly.  Otherwise, Justin says he feels like he may be a pervert.  But, I still like it :)  And the company  that did it was great! They had an awesome customizable layout and tons of options! I just got a basic American Apparel shirt and made the font small so it was kinda funny to read.

Also, I finally changed my last name the other day.  I know, I know...pretty bad that I've been married since May 4th and JUST now changing my last name.  But here in Austin, the Social Security building is super far north (I live in South Austin) and so I finally made my way up there and did it.  And the next day I woke up to the sweetest card from Justin, telling me how excited he is I'm legally a Knuth.  :)

I also had a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  He is always so great at getting me flowers for things.  And he also folded all the laundry that's been sitting in a basket on the couch.   It's definitely the little things in life like a sweet, handwritten card telling someone how much they mean to you and folded laundry to set the mood. 

As for the rest of things, I feel like we're finally getting things situated.  I am definitely in a NESTING mode, and have been for awhile.  I've always been OCD about being organized and clean and we're finally getting there.

We got a new couch, our previous couch was GREAT and the MOST comfortable thing to lay on.  So you may be wondering why we got another one? Well, the old couch was down feathered and sometimes the little feathers would come out from the pillows.  Not to mention when you sunk down in the couch, it was hard to get out!  Especially when you got a huge baby crushing your organs.  

So we sold the couch on Craig's List, which was amazing! I have checked out Craig's List before and even sold some UT tickets on there. But never before had I tried selling anything else.  Well we made a $200 PROFIT on our sofa! It really was a well made, nicely kept sofa. But who would of thought you'd make PROFIT.  We also sold our super modern, glass coffee table and our massage chair.  Lol.  I was on a selling spree!

So, now we have a new, beautiful suede couch that is also a big sectional like our previous one.  Except this one doesn't have feathers.   It also has a great ottoman! We wanted an ottoman rather than a glass coffee table with a baby.  And it's not a high maintenance couch either, like our previous one, where you had to RE-fluff all the pillows to make it look nice for company. Anyway, so that's exciting.  Also it was nice to finally get rid of the massage chair Justin had in the office.  Yes, it was comfy for sitting there and studying while I was in school but it took up room and isn't practical.  And me being the OCD freak that I am, needs the house to be cleaned out and simplified.  

I have a certain taste of style and luckily Justin is the same! We both like very simplistic, clean, less-is-more kind of style.  
 Maybe that comes from growing up in the SAME house for 20 odd years and my mom kept everything!   I'm the opposite! I do keep the important stuff.  But, if it's not something of value or can't be used then I chunk it!

So yes, finding Craig's list and selling our things rather then dumping or donating was kind of a nice change!

Alright, on to this weekend.  It's LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Wow time is flying!  Tonight I'm slow baking some ribs in the oven (4 hours) and making mashed potatoes and green beans for my friend Amanda and her husband Warren.  Warren and Justin are spending a few hours on the lake after work to get some time in riding the wake boards and I plan to take it easy and visit with Amanda.  Girl time!

As for the rest of the weekend, we have a lot to do!  We have some Bermuda window sills to put up, finish painting the hallway and doors, run to Ikea for some shelves for the Baby's room...clean house like a crazy lady! And get our back patio area cleaned off (Justin's job) for our BIG party this next weekend!

Though the first UT game is tomorrow! *Hook 'Em!*  We are having a big pre-tail gate party next Friday with ALL my family coming in for the game!  I hope it's cool like it is today, 81 degrees right now!

I'm really excited about next weekend and seeing so many family members!  And for a lot of them, like my Aunt, Uncle and cousin from Wyoming, have never seen our house!  Also, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle from Atlanta will be in too!  It's going to be a big party and I can't wait to enjoy time with everyone at OUR home.

Too bad not all the house is done, but hey, we have a lot done and soon when it's ALL done we can throw another party!  We definitely love having get togethers at our house.  And slowly but surely we are remodeling the house, and it makes me appreciate it that much more.  

Well, I'm going to go clean some dishes!  I got a few things that can be cleaned before Amanda gets here.  Also, this weekend we will be spending time with our great friends and hopefully making the church service (last weekend I wasn't feeling that great!).  Even though we work hard most times, we do make time to spend with the people we love and appreciate.

Sorry for the long, over due blog.  Sometimes I just get on a roll.  

Until next time,


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