Friday, August 27, 2010

Hormonal waves of fun!

Ok, JUST gotta vent today.  I'm sorry my few readers, but when you are big, pregnant, HOT and never sleep, sometimes little things make you cry or go insane!

So, just a few things that I've been thinking of and stressing over.

1.) Shaving legs.  Yes, I've posted this before.  But really, shaving my legs in the shower is killing me.  Trying to balance on one leg when you're up 40 lbs is pretty hard! I get winded, I fall over...I get mad.  I don't shave but once a week. GROSS I know.  So now I sleep with long pj bottoms on so I can't scratch myself or Justin (though he doesn't seem to mind my prickly cactus legs)  And when wearing my pj pants I get even more hot in bed than I already am! Which causes me to be grumpy!

You may be wondering why I don't shave in the bathtub--well, I do sometimes but, but that's a pain too, and my big belly looming over my disappearing lap isn't a fun time or SIGHT for that matter.

Ok next item!

2.)  Mommy groups.

So, no I'm not yet a mommy because baby isn't here.  But, I'm looking up mommy meet up groups because hello, none of my friends are having babies around here.  And I know I'm going to NEED some social time sometime.  And one of the problems living here, is MOST my friends finished school and left Austin.  Secondly, the rest of my friends are former co-workers or people I went to happy hours with.

GONE are the days of HH!  And it's kinda hard to be out being social and a young 20 something with a baby on your hip and hanging out at the bar. (No I'd never do this) But obviously now I have to think of other ways to make friends.

Church? Yes, would be great.  But our church is 20 minutes away and we barely get there for the service, much less Sunday School.

And lastly,

I don't want to be KNOWN just for being a mommy.  Yes, being a mommy will be the HIGHLIGHT of my life and this baby has already transformed my life into something worthy of so much meaning and amazing love.  But, I want to make sure Halley is still in there.  Yes, I'll be mommy forever now. But, I still want to be Halley.  So, I do want to make sure I keep up w/the things I love and the things I enjoy as well. And also maintaining friends that aren't mommies!

Maybe today is just a hormonal day for me.  I already cried twice today for no reason.  I think I just needed to cry (besides, it's been weeks since I have!) And in pregnancy land, that's an accomplishment!

Well, I just needed to vent because I think too much.  And I am going to go SHAVE my legs finally.

And also pray that cool, cooooool weather will be gracing us soon here in central Texas.

Until next time,

hairy legged and all :)


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  1. You might check out a MOPS group in Austin. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is an international nonprofit organization offering meetings where mothers get together on a weekly or every other week basis, have some type of devotional and discussion time in small groups, and a craft/recreational time. "Usually" childcare is provided, but in our group, you can take the itty bitty babies in with you if you want. We just started a MOPS group in Atlanta, but I was familiar with it b/c a family I babysat for when I lived in Austin for pharmacy school (Aug 02-May 05 - don't know if you were there yet :) ) was really involved in it. You can go to, click 'find a group', put in your zip, and it will give you the nearest 10 groups. Something to think/pray about doing! I think it's going to be great!

    Stephanie Smith Duke


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