Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello 3rd trimester!

We have made it! Man, time is going by faster and faster! It makes me sad! (I am going to miss having my lil man w/me so close) And there is SO much to do and I don't know how we are going to get it all done! (Semi freaking out right now, can't you tell?!)

Today was my check up for the 3rd trimester.  Doctor says I look good even tho I feel like I have gained A LOT of weight.  But, oh well. More so worried about stretch marks then anything. And also worried that my baby is going to be SO large that I can have him vaginally. (TMI?) Well you are reading a mommy-to-be's blog, so yes I over share!

I may be anemic, as well.  My last test came really close, and so they took blood again to see if I'm anemic now.  I have been yawning a lot, and I know I have shortness of breath.  I hope maybe some more iron in my diet and vitamins will help. 

Overall, I feel good though.  Just wishing the heat would dissipate.

Also, another exciting thing! College football season! Hello! So excited to watch my HORNS play! Hook 'Em!

And lastly, I watched Jennifer Lopez's movie The Back-Up Plan last night. SO HILARIOUS! And so right on! A must-see for pregnant mommies!

One of the similarities we had was our love for our 'pillow'.

I have a HUGE, noodle pillow that helps me sleep at night. (You know the pregnancy pillows, you use to support your hips, back and stomach?) Anyway I named mine Fabio.  And for awhile, Justin, was mildly jealous of Fabio.  Just watch the movie, and you'll see what I'm referring to.

Anyway, I'm leaving some new pictures of me (the ever growing mommy) and Baby Kie.

And in leu of football season, I'm wearing my BCS National Championship shirt.

Until next time!

-Mrs. Knuth-

28 weeks, 1 Day

hard to fit 'us' all in one picture ;)

happy mommy :)


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  1. oh my gosh, you are so cute! It doesn't even look like you have gained a lot of weight, except of course in your tummy. Your legs are still skinny minny!!

    Can't wait to meet baby. Seth and I are coming to Texas for Christmas for sure, so i will HAVE to see him.


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