Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My First Pregnancy Run!

So, just finished my first pregnancy run!  At 26 weeks.  Yes, I've done some walking (not near as much as I should--just once or twice a week) and then the occasional 'blue moon' swim.  Oh, and also the light weight lifting when I think about it. (That's probably occurred twice!)

But, today--I decided to go for a run.  It's been since March 13th, since I've ran.  The day I found out I was pregnant.  **Funny story! I'll explain another time!**

Anyway, I went for my nearly 30 minute run.  I'd say it was 28 minutes to be exact.  A slow-paced 28 minutes.  But, I sweated and sweated...and felt wonderful! And the sweet confused baby inside of me, moved around in excitement...or perhaps just confusion--since he's not felt mommy moving like this before!

I feel great physically and mentally, tho I may add I am sad that I haven't tried running out before this.  But, for my excuse I was really sick for the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and not to mention here in Texas it's a billion degrees!!

Anyway, for you prego mommies out there....I'm curious how your workouts are going?  I know it's great for us to workout, but between working and being a wife and pregnant, it makes it hard to do. Much less find the time!

Anyway, for some inspiration I'm posting the songs I listened to while on my short run.

They are great for pregnant or not pregnant people ;) AND great to dance to!

Here they are (In order in which they randomly played on my iTunes)

1. Phantom of the Opera--Andrew Lloyd Webber (Trust me it's amazing and motivating!)
2. Whataya Want From Me- Adam Lambert
3. Bounce- Timbaland featuring Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake (also great to dance to)
4. Dancing Queen- Mama Mia Soundtrack
5. Glamourous- Fergie
6. Feel It- Three 6 Mafia and Tiesto
7. Lollipop-Aqua
8. Bottoms Up- Keke Palmer
9. Anna Grace- Let The Feelings Go
10. Till The Sky Falls Down-Dash Berlin

(A little over 30 minutes of music for a good run!)

Alright, well I gotta hop in the shower- Mucho to do today--

until next time--love and exercise!


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