Friday, August 20, 2010

pregnancy body to big hands

So much to post today! Lots has been going on, but I'll save that for another day.

BUT, I do need to vent. And this is a warning, it may be a little TOO much for the faint of heart, or if you're a may want to stop reading now.

First off, I wanted to say I do love pregnancy (well, being pregnant) but I wouldn't say ALL of pregnancy is good. There is tons to get use to!  I'm luckily past the morning sickness phase, but I have the occasional moments of nausea still.  Nothing like it was from 10-20 weeks.  Anyway, the things that ARE annoying right now that I won't miss....

....Being huge! I realize I will have to work a lot to get back to pre-pregnancy size. But wow, I'm just huge and flabby these days. Ok, not entirely flabby. Just, feel like it.  And then there's the body temperature thing that sucks! I run like 25 degrees warmer than everyone else, and I'm in TEXAS! I can't afford to be hotter.  On really hot nights I sleep with the a/c down, the fan on the air filter/fan on and an ice pack.


And I sweat.  Which is so gross.  I mean, in Texas one sweats as it is. But NOW, I sweat all the time.  Under my boobs which is gross...


Another gross thing, is...I can't see past my belly button these days. (Nearly 28 weeks pregnant so I'm closing in on & 7 months)

Now, if you can imagine, if you can't see past your belly button...mundane tasks like shaving legs may be hard. I mean, sitting in bathtub, you can do it.  But, shaving in shower...definitely hard!

AND other things, also...go unnoticed.  If you catch my drift.

Anyway, I love being pregnant because feeling Baby Kie kick me is so sweet and he's so close with me. But, I will be happy one day to feel like me....

When I feel like I can go run or workout without worrying I'm hurting the baby.  And I'm going to be happy to wear jeans one day again (hopefully!) And you know what, I will NOT buy new fatter jeans.  I will just wear elastic until my waist is 27inches again.  NO EXCUSES.  I'm young, I can do it.  (May take awhile!)

Anyway, yes, having a waist would be nice.  But, until then I do enjoy eating and it has taken awhile to get where I can embrace my NO waist body.

Alright, enough venting.  My husband, whose been in Canada, all week will be returning today! I am so excited.  I've missed him immensely.

Crazy how a week can make you appreciate the smallest things about a person. I am ready to hold his big hands, feel him in my sleep, get his morning kisses and good night kisses, share dinner together, kiss him whenever I want.  But, yes his eyes and his hands I miss the most.

Justin has a great set of hands. Haha.  They are the biggest hands I've ever seen.  And prior to my sweet husband, I dated a few men....and I never ran across a man that had larger hands than my dad.  So as a little girl, when you think "no guy has bigger hands than your dad," well I was right...

until I met Justin!

His hands are big and they do so many great things.  He's a talented man. He can play guitar, sew (he's a great seamstress) he can fix the house, fix any boat, fix any car...and at the same time they are gentle with me.  I know they will be gentle with our new baby boy on the way.  They also cook and clean and do laundry! And his heads are our means of income!

In fact, in our vows we did a lot about our hands and what they are capable Ok, now it sounds like I have a hand fetish. But, really just thinking of all the things we do with them each day and then you realize how blessed we are to have them!

Well, I'm going to go....SO much to do today.

(This post got off topic so easily, and for that I apologize!)

Till next time,

Mrs. Knuth


  1. haha, you are so cute. And even if you feel flabby and huge, you don't look it!! I mean, yes you do have a preggo belly, but you are not flabby!

    I can't wait for Justin to get home, i know the feeling of missing someone! Give him lots of kisses!

    Praying that your week gets better with certain things...

    love u!

  2. From someone who is quickly losing her waist...thank you for venting! It's nice to not feel alone! :) I like your idea about not buying new bigger clothes--that's going to be my plan too! Hang in there, you are getting so close!


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