Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Revelations

well hello readers :)

It's been about a week since I've posted and so many things have happened and not happened.  Last time I left off I was getting ready to leave for Atlanta for my birthday/baby shower.  Well, my birthday was nearly forgotten. Ok, so it was forgotten.  I felt a little sad, but quickly got over it because first off my thoughts go to my lil Jelly Bean (not so little Jelly Bean) and I understand most my family was thinking of the shower which was the day after my birthday.

Last Friday we left for Atlanta after Justin got off work.  The drive was decent.  Got into some rain all the way to Waco which made it longer and then Justin took over and I was able to relax some.  We got in late, close to 12:30 am, 1ish.

Saturday, my birthday, but no birthday wishes from my parents (well not at first).  Kinda sad, but oh well.  We spent the day going to Teri's Treasures, watching home made videos and relaxing.  Justin did man stuff with dad and rode four-wheelers and just piddle paddled around with Dad.  Dad loves my husband.  They are so great together.  Their love for old cars, DIY projects and tools is pretty hilarious as well.   Dad really respects how great Justin is with his hands.  My husband literally can fix anything.  A quality that I find so charming and sexy in a man.  :)

 Anyway, that night my family came over for a big dinner in my parents awesomely new renovated kitchen and we watched the Horns bean Tech.  Actually a pretty good birthday!  (I did cheat on my GD diet, but my blood sugars were still in good check so it was all ok!)  And Justin of course, did have a few great birthday gifts hidden away from me that he shared when we were alone.  :)

Sunday we woke up to realize my sweet niece, Amelia Jane, got the stomach virus from her daddy.  We all felt bad for the sad little two year old.  Her normal chipper self was now pale, sweaty and weak.

Luckily tho, the shower went off without a hitch!  It was great!  Rachel Lee surprised me at the shower after she had been telling me she'd be stuck in Houston working.  It was great to have my best friend there.  Also, Emily helped out tremendously by writing down all the great gifts we got for Baby Kie.  It was so nice to see so many wonderful friends and all the love we got from so many friends and family.  I felt truly blessed and grateful.

That night we took it easy, I wasn't feeling so hot.  Then comes Monday (Justin took off work) to drive back to Austin.  The trip wasn't as great coming back as it was getting there.  I just wasn't feeling like myself.

Around the Temple area, I thought I was having contractions.  My body would freeze up and be in intense sharp pain.  I didn't know what it was.  I was getting a bit scared.  Finally we got into Georgetown and I told Justin to pull over quick.  I leaped out of the car on to the median and began to dry heave.  Slowly bits and pieces of lunch started coming up.  Oh no, am I sick or is something wrong with the baby?

It was about to storm so Justin loaded me back into the 4Runner and gave me a pillow case in case I started to vomit.  We rushed home and literally 15 seconds from the drive way I started to puke again.  I fell out of the car, needing fresh air and threw up in the drive way.  I got Justin to open the back gate up and ran to the back yard and plopped down on the cold cement waiting for my body to go back into it's tight frenzy ball.  Oh man, it started! The cold cement and rain felt good but I knew I needed to get inside and get to the bathroom because I was about to be a mess.

A mess is an understatement.

I was sick both ends.  There was no stopping it and there was no way to go one at a time.

I was sitting on the toilet, towel over my face, throwing up into it.  I went though at least 9-10 towels.

And my sweet, sweet, SWEET, husband was there.  Seeing me at my worse.  (Though I thought he had already seen me at my worse) this was my worse!

I told him to not touch the towels that I'd wash after I got over the initial sickness.  But, he cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  And needless to say, he got just as ill as I did.

We were a sad pair!  So sick we couldn't do a thing but lay there, and puke.  He slept in the guest room and I slept in our room so we both had our own bathrooms to get sick in.

That was Monday, it took me till Thursday to get to feeling like myself again.

I have NOT been that sick since I don't know when.

The virus spread from Clint (my brother) to his daughter, Amelia to me, Justin, Zach, My dad, to Amanda's Mom and to Amanda.

It was one powerful bug!

Anyway, I learned a lot during that sickness.  I'm not NOT afraid to puke.  I learned how to concentrate while getting sick and I also learned how amazing my husband is.  Though, I already knew that.  He proved once again how great he is.

Also this week I went to see the specialist doctor for my GD and my OB.  My blood sugar levels are so good they took me off Glyburide. Yay me!  But, I may go back on it once the baby gets bigger.  I also lost 10 lbs while sick.  Which now means I have only put on around 28-30.  So that's good.  That helps me out for after delivery!  (Doctor said baby is doing just fine even when I was so sick and losing the weight.)

I also got a interview set up with a pediatrician for next week, our Lamaze class is this Saturday, touring the L&D wing Sunday, our new Sunday School class to go to also on Sunday and next weekend a baby expo!

AND next week is ALSO my LAST work week! Now I'll be a SAHM!  My dream! :)

So, yes...a crazy week for sure.  But, a lot done actually.  The next things to do on my list of THINGS to do, is finish unpacking nursery (I havent had the energy being so sick).  Write all my thank you's :)  get Justin to paint my toes (They are looking rough!)  And find a new devotional for new mommies.

Right now I'm really praying and working on being more Christ like.  I was going to go into a lot of things God has revealed to me but I'll keep it short.

Lately, here and there I've had some curve balls thrown at me.  Right now as a soon to be mommy, all I crave is peace and serenity.  I want my world to be wonderful and protected so that when this sweet boy of mine comes, he is shielded from a lot of things I don't want him around.  And for the last 8 months, Justin and I have been doing that.  We have been getting the people out of our lives that weren't good for us nor our son.

I realize that sometimes, being nice doesn't get you anywhere.  And that sometimes even when your heart is in the purest place, people may not take it that way.  Or maybe something is truly wrong with them.  I've always been the person to worry about why "so and so" isn't kind after years of me being kind and nice or why this person may not respond the way I like even I do my best to be so nice.

But, it's not about trying to be nice.  Instead I need to be gentle spirited.  I need to expect less because people are people.  I am lucky enough to have a amazing family, a loving, patient husband a new baby on the way and some great friends (that I don't have to always be a certain way to get a certain reaction). And I have a God that loves me, even when I fail Him over and over.  He isn't just nice to me.  He is gentle and loving with me.  He loves me.  And I no longer want to worry or pine over the people that really don't matter.  The ones that no matter how hard you try and smile and be kind to, don't smile and be kind back.

Why worry?

I'm working on making Halley, a always happy Halley,  that doesn't need others approval or 'kindness'.

I feel blessed to just be healthy (and not puking) and I feel blessed I have more people that love me that I can count on two hands and two feet!  Who has that?  Not everyone.

So, yes, this week and for the rest of time I'm going to remember what's important, what I have, and be grateful for that alone.

Until next time,


Btw, pictures will be posted from the shower on the next blog!  Just too lazy to upload them now!

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