Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too busy, too tired, too Zzzzzzzzz

Hello all! I am using an exclamation mark like I'm all awake and wired, truth be told I'm far from that.

In fact, I'm blogging while nannying.  A big no-no. I know.  But I hardly have had the time these days to get to writing and I'm wiped out from this pregnancy...

so lots has happened since I last blogged.  I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which means my body isn't breaking down my sugars I ingest and therefore baby Kie is getting a lot more sugar then he needs).  SO baby Kie is getting bigger and will probably be here before his due date on November 16th.  Which is exciting and scary at the same time.  I am scared of labor and delivery but I'm ready to meet my crazy kicking man.  And see his face, and kiss his face and smell his little baby hair and just cuddle him. 

awww :)

And I also want to see what parts he got from me or what he got from his Daddy.  We have made bets on his size/weight and what will he get from us.  Regardless, if the baby looks just like Justin, I'll be thrilled.  I adore my sweet husband and to see a baby Justin (one day) running around the house will warm my heart.

ANYWAY--enough day dreaming :)

so yes, I have GD which now means I'm on medication,  a strict-STRICT-diet. (No simple sugars, hardly any fruits, super low carb) Ah just what a pregnant gal wants to do! Put restrictions on a always hungry, black hole! And I'm also taking my blood 4 times a day (which I start tomorrow)--I'll let you know how that goes.  Not looking forward to that, but what can I do?

And now cooking isn't as fun and I can't satisfy my sweet tooth without teasing it with the sugar free stuff but it's ok!  I also have been walking a lot more (which helps control my blood sugars too) and me and Justin usually take 2 walks a week.  Maybe 3.  Which may not sound like a lot but when you're married to a man that works from 6:30am to 8:30pm (some nights) then that is a lot.  But now, we usually walk or workout 4 days a week or more!

We took a walk to Borders last night to get a baby book for my shower this weekend (for all the guest to sign).  And last week we walked to Target.  Lol.  So yes, our walks are long but also are productive.  And some nights we walk to Central Market or Randall's to scope out the sugar free popsicles ;)

So this PAST weekend was super great!  Friday night we had our family and extended family over and it was such a wonderful night.  I wish I had taken pictures! The house was all decorated, tons of fall stuff (thanks to Kaitlin's Fall decor ideas).  And I got a lot of great pumpkin candles from Target and Bath and Body Works.  The small ones from Target were in every room adorned with fake Fall leaves.  And since it was a pre-tailgate party, the ORANGE candles went great with the UT Football theme!  I had Longhorn matching bowls, plates and serving plates.  I made my *now* famous bbq pork baby back ribs.  And Justin grilled  burgers on the grill.  We had tons of dips, cheeses and hummus to snack on and also the cutest Texas Longhorn helmet cake.

(I do have a picture of that!) I'll post on the next blog!

Also our outdoors was decked with the pumpkin tea sized candles and also some patio lights I picked up at Target too!  I even got a cute solar LED lamp that changed colors.  It was so pretty and it was a great night visiting with family and showing them our wonderful home.  Everyone loved our house, the food and the baby's nursery.  It was a fun, but exhausting night for me.  (Now a days doing a load of laundry makes me tired!)

Then Saturday, instead of going to the game and tailgating like I use to, we went shopping for some new maternity clothes for our pregnancy photo shoot!  Justin got some nice black pants and dark blue shirt from one of his favorite stores, Banana Republic.  And I got some nice black pants and matching knit top, from one of my NOT favorite stores, Pea in the Pod! Haha, I mean, I like the store just fine for maternity clothes.  But it breaks my heart that I have to spend so much money on such large clothes! 

Then at 5pm, our friends Robin and Tanja came over to take the photos.  

I can't tell you if they are going to look good or not, because this was the first maternity shoot I've ever done and same for our friend.  He's a great photographer but he's just never done a maternity shoot.
Anyway, if there are any good photos I'll be sure to share! 

After our shoot we watched the Horns play and had a quiet night in!  And Sunday we woke up to meet my family downtown at the Hilton so we could each brunch at the Paggi House before everyone had to catch their flights.  

Needless to say, all the hard work we've been doing around the house getting it ready for family and Baby Kie finally proved to be worth it!  We got to enjoy our family in our house and enjoy the rest of the weekend with no BIG projects to worry about.  Though we still have a lot more house work to do.  We will always be working on our house.  We are definitely DIYers and our house is a wonderful investment.  

As for this week, it is filled with things!  Yesterday I was at the doctor, two different times.  One for another blood test, a fasting one.  Then to see my doctor and then to see a diabetic specialist.  Tonight me and Justin have a breast feeding 101 class at Babies R Us.  And then tomorrow I have a 3 hour class at Seton Medical to learn how to take my blood and also how many carbs I'm alloted during the day.

And then FRIDAY---we leave to go to Atlanta for my baby shower on Sunday.  And Saturday is my 24th birthday!

So yes, a busy week and weekend for me!  I'm excited! And wow, September is flying by and soon I'll be not working and being a SAHM and getting all ready for baby Kie.

Well, until next time! Hope all is well and many love and blessings to all that reads this!



31 weeks

some early baby presents from Aunt Rachel

it's a bathtub full of stuff! :)

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  1. Love the kitty cat book! ;)

    I can't wait to see preggo pics, you are so beautiful! Makes me want to have a baby! But..not just yet.

    As far as Seth and decorating goes, he doesn't mind the decor. He says that he knows I love doing it, so he's okay with it. Yes, I think it was a tad early to decorate for fall, but I couldn't resist!

    I think we have a nice blend of girlyness and boyness in our home, so Seth doesn't feel like he's living in frilly all day. haha..

    Love you and miss you! Wish I could see you in person before Kie comes!


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