Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week in snap shots :)

Kie's lil Vans from a friend
so tiny!
Nursery (I've just rearranged it 1 million times)--just one side of it

Justin is always great about bringing me home fresh flowers :) 

These were the 'special' orange ones for our party!

some of my FALL decorations...on top of our aquarium TV that Justin made.
my super cheap pumpkin from the Dollar Store, thanks Kaitlin for  the idea!
some more decorations! Little candles with leaves, cute lil pumpkin and squash 
close up :)

The UT cake we had at our party. And sadly, I did not make it.  Baking and pregnancy are not fun when you can't eat the batter!

our new mandarine orange tree from my Uncle Luke! It has so many oranges for a little tree!

Ok, that's all...just a few pictures from this past week.  More to share, but it takes forever to upload on here! Maybe I'll figure out another way to do so!

Until next time, love and blessings!


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  1. i know i always comment, but i can't help it! I love the fall decor! Also, those vans are adorable. AND the nursery! I can't wait to see it sometime. You have the sweetest little family.

    Miss you!


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