Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pregnancy and Me

So, I've yet to tell too many people that I'm pregnant--because the whole thing is crazy to me as it is.

As of now I'm 8 weeks pregnant :) Yes, I'm heavy. But due to me hurting my knee skiing and fearing I've torn my ACL...I have not been working out. I've put on 17 lbs SINCE I hurt my knee and then found out I'm pregnant.

I am not showing and Justing (my wonderful sweetheart) tells me I don't look like I've put on any weight. Then again, he's wonderful and I know he's just saying that. However, I am determined to workout and eat good. I think a lot has to do with water weight, but I am seriously hungry all the time. For instance, I ate a waffle for breakfast (nothing on it) and an hour or two later I ate a low-fat nutra-grain bar. And now, I'm hungry AGAIN and I am eating some cheese-itz.

And I'm not just eating because I'm bored, I'm eating because my baby and my body are telling me to eat!

As for energy today, I'm tired. SOOOO exhausted. I think today I'm going to get some B vitamins and maybe some hair and nail vitamins because I hear they are great.

I'm already taking two prenatal vitamins, one for folic acid, and one for iron. So what's two more vitamins going to matter? --I also realized taking them right before bed doesnt make me sick. Thank goodness.

Oh also, knock on wood I'm not feeling nauseated today! But that's also because I'm eating every 2 hours or so. Well, I guess I'm going to lay some Roseanne, then hopefully find some energy to run to the store get some things for lunch and dinner....and also getting vitamins.

And goodness gracious, laundry and cleaning house takes more energy then I'd ever imagine. I thought having a baby at 23 would be great because I'm young and could take it but I'm super exhausted.

--till next time!


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