Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day & Upcoming news!

How is YOUR Labor Day?

The weather is about 12 degrees cooler than normal--but the winds have picked up causing fires all across the state of Texas.  My parents who live in Northeast Texas are experiencing brush fires everywhere and we have fires on both sides of the city of Austin.  So far 17,000 acres are burning and over 400 houses and counting are lost in the Bastrop area.

It makes enjoying this "beautiful" day hard when you hear sirens going off and realize that there are thousands of families who've lost everything and are displaced from their homes.

If you're looking to d o n a t e for any fire victims in the Austin area here's a link to give you some options.
How to Help Fire Victims.

Nonetheless our day has been pretty relaxed.  I'm not in the mood to be at the lake when there is so much devastation in our community.  I realize everyday there is natural disasters and chaos in the world--but when it's in your backyard it's tough to just sit and watch the pain unfold.

Of course I hope you and yours are safe in your part of the world.
Stay Tune because my next blog I'll be sharing with you my WAYS to get organized.
(And being the OCD organized freak that I am--maybe you'll like some of the tips.)
Plus I got some pallets of wood to play around with--and projects to share in the future.

Here's to not getting any new splinters.

Until next time,


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