Monday, September 26, 2011

saturday night---and I'm all alone...

(I'm a slacker,,,, just now posting this!)
Ok, so not really alone.....alone.
Kie man is sleeping in his crib....

Justin is at a Christian men's retreat.
I cannot tell you HOW grateful I am he is there.
God has been working in our marriage.
And in Justin.

I wish I could go on and on about my love for my husband but I don't want to bore you.
Of course marriage isn't always a fairy tale.
But, I see my husband and amazed at the road he's traveled.
A boy who witnessed his father commit suicide.
A boy who lived on the streets in California.
A boy who watched his best friend take his life.
A boy who went from foster home to foster home.
An orphan.
With no money.
Nothing to his name.

A man lost, married and divorced..
A man who thought the only way to make it from one day to another was to drink
or find other vices....

A lost and blinded man.
Who then found Jesus and then could see!!

I cannot begin to tell you the difference in his life now.
And how happy it makes me that Justin has a relationship with Jesus.
Just makes my heart SO so SO very happy!!!

But that is what is going on here.

Kie is asleep.
I'm multi-tasking between cleaning house, doing laundry and working on Kie's scrapbook for his birthday--and I decided to squeeze in an update.

SO quick update-
Last weekend was my BIRTHDAY!

I'm the BIG 25!
I actually still feel very young.
I really still feel 22.
Hehehe...let's just hope my skin goes a long with my head.

We spent the weekend at Austin City Limit's--we got to see a lot of great bands....
My favorite definitely was COLDPLAY!
They put on amaaaazing show.
We also got to catch up with old friends...
And Kie had such a great time.
He was the PERFECT concert date. (Next to Justin)
Seriously not one whimper came out of Kie. He loves music just like his parents.

so yes, last weekend was a lot of fun.
we also got a surprise VIP access to all the back stages.
It will definitely be an ACL weekend we will be talking about for years....

This weekend I spent the better part of my Saturday with Allison and we checked out the Pecan Street Festival.
It was SO hot.
More so than I anticipated.
There were some select few awesome vendors.
I didn't touch the food (hello I'm trying to get this body in fighting form for the next pregnancy).
But I doubt I will ever go to another Pecan Street Festival again....
Besides checking out my friend, Tammy's booth---and her awesome jewelry line--
Maybe if next year is cooler than I may be interested in going.
Plus Sixth Street needs to be cleaned up.
I'm afraid it's becoming the next Bourbon Street.

I wish they'd widened the sidewalk--and make more cafes downtown.
And maybe remove some bars.
But I realize the bars make the money.
But bars also get a lot of people in rowdy and fighting moods...
Ahh well...I'm not the Mayor of Austin.
(In case you didn't know).

I'm excited for this week because my sweet love Erika is flying in Thursday night.
I haven't seen her since we've been in Florida.
And this weekend I've yet to decide if I'm going on a women's retreat (like Justin's)
Or if I will be sticking to my plans that have been established.

I want to go to the retreat but I have some SERIOUS separation anxiety.
And I don't care what people may think but wait until you have your own babies and you'll see how it feels.
I've never been a night or a day or even more than a few hours away from Kie.
Plus I still nurse.
And yes, I nurse often.
Probably 5-6 times a day still.
So going nearly two days without seeing him would hurt me in more ways than one.
(Yes I can bring a pump I'm sure but I'd prefer not to be milking myself when I'm at a retreat.)
Maybe when Kie is older and not still nursing.
I don't know.
I'm still praying about it and letting God show me.

Alright this momma has gotta go.

Until next time,


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  1. Love this post. I am so proud of you and Justin and how far y'all have come!!! I so wish we lived closer and we could do a bible study together. I sure miss you!! You and Justin are such wonderful parents! Xoxo


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