Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Home

Trying to get back into blogging more :)
I figured I'd write about some of the things I love most and I'd love to hear what you love, too! This post is specifically about the home, Our Home.

As most know, J and I live in an old house. We have been working on our home for years now.
We got a little help (Ok, BIG help) from HGTV and the wonderful Property Brothers. What I like about old homes is there is always room for improvement. Same goes for us, too! Am I right?

This past year we have added (closed in our patio) and made it into a full blown playroom/entertainment space. Justin did 99% of the work himself. He built up the walls, the windows and doors...insulated it, drywalled and painted it and installed the floors. We got our AC man to put in the AC which is definitely needed in Texas.

I love it because all the kids stuff (most of it that is) is in there. Plus, everything has a space. And that is important in trying to maintain the kid stuff!

We still have tweaking to do to it. Eventually I want a closet system in there to store more but for now it is working great. I also love that it keeps our house free of the millions of toys that kids somehow manage to collect very quickly. 

Also, as many know, I am a bit of a clean freak and organizing and managing things is something I enjoy!

Seriously, a good night for me is when I have lots of energy, classical music going and the house to myself to clean. I'm big into aromatherapy and essential oils. So a happy home for me is a cleaned one...that smells divine! Not only does it create a great restful place for me and the kids, but it promotes creativity as well!

Also, it is something my husband loves too. Justin is big into doing things for me and that's how he shows his love. And he responds great when I do things for him...and cleaning the house for him is part of our love language. He is a happy man when he comes home to a clean home and a cooked dinner :) 

We also both love how our home as changed from the bachelor pad that it was---to a home where our kids have grown and so has our love.

However, one thing I try not to get caught up in too much is the HOME itself. 
I know ALL of this is can go away. And that though we are blessed with a home (that is nearly paid off) however, things are just things and that's not what is truly important in life!

Just because we have it today does not mean we will tomorrow. So, I'm humbled and grateful for what we have now.

Also, our home is small. Something I have learned to love, especially when it comes to cleaning. I can't imagine cleaning 5 bathrooms (like my parents have!) or dusting that much space. So for me, our small home is great for keeping the amount of stuff we own down (I'm a minimalist in many ways) and we are close together :)
Which makes checking on kids in the night very easy.

AND with FALL around the corner, it is now time to get the fall scented candles going :)
I love this time a year for a BILLION reasons, but a big reason is the leaving the back screen door opened, letting the cool air circulate in the house and breathing in the crisp air! 

It won't be long until we are lounging in the back yard around a bonfire!

So, yes--that's a few things I love! What do you love?

Also, stayed tuned, I've been doing some decorating (another thing I love) and I'll be posting pictures soon!


J has hung their X Games skateboard on the wall in their new playroom

Kie can sit here for hours playing with cars or drawing
Their little reading corner --and I love the wooded-grey accent wall :)
everything has a place-shelves J made for the cubbies

We have a blow up mattress for extra guest that are over but for the most part it's put away

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