Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Home, Part Two!

In my previous post, I covered our new space for the kiddos. From the grey wood floors, to the grey accent wall--it just feels so comfy and peaceful. We also love the mounted TV which has Netflix and lots of recorded Peppa Pig for the days we stay indoors due to the heat or recently, the rain. (Praise Him!)

We spend lots of time cuddling on the chaise lounge, wrapped in blankets, unwinding at night together as a family. I'm grateful for this new space. We have already created lot of good memories in there so far.

Also, like I mentioned the kids' toys are there, they all have a home. The boys room only has stuffed animals and some books. But slowly we are moving out the books into the office and the new room. Kie loves reading and I want him to have a space for his books and a relaxing place to 'read' :)

Furthermore, now that I'm back to feeling good, we did our (very pushed back) spring/summer cleaning the past few weeks. Justin has been cleaning out his garage (if you know his garage then you know it needed help!) And we have put in new shelves, cabinets and even a new A/C. He is also getting a new garage door. He spends a lot of time in his garage during the winter months doing upholstery for clients.  So getting his garage cleaned up is imperative! My dad also loves helping J clean his garage (they have the best relationship)...and in fact, the new garage door is a gift from Dad. (Love ya pops!)

Anyway, we have been de-cluttering, donating and selling things on Craig's List. Which is also where I found some great finds.

I got a beautiful antique vanity that was in pristine condition for $75 . I really lucked out!
We also got a great, big armoire for $50. It was a $1400 armoire originally.
The girl selling it didn't feel like moving it since it was so big. Thankfully J and Warren were able to get it out safely.

Anyway, Justin put a new back on it, painted it, took off the old legs and put on some more modernized ones. So total, we put $15 into it.

It now stores ALL the home school stuff, games and crafts we have.
Previously the office had tons of our crafts, art supplies and home school items in there.
I was really wanting to take it all out of there and have a nice/labeled spot for everything.

I was able to move everything out of the office/guest room to make it more homey for guest and to free up the closet and shelves. I love it! I really enjoy having everything in one organized (and labeled) spot. Do you see my OCD? ha

Now to share some pics!
I have a passion for interior design and how a space feels and makes one feel!
I definitely have a bit of a funky, eclectic I usually go for whatever makes me happy or feels good. Hope you enjoy!

I got a new rug. I LOVE this rug. It's a lot smaller than our previous one...and it's easier to clean. Our former rug was SO big it took up a lot of the room and it was a shag carpet. So, it began looking bad and things would get lost in it! (my diamond earring I never found!)

One day, I'd like to get a new sofa, but since I'm raising BOYS--a microfiber BROWN one is best. It's easy to clean....and tho there are no stains, I'm sure if I ever got a new one it would stain fast. --I enjoy having a sectional but sometimes I want less bulky furniture. The living room space has a layout that only allows for so many options. Also, I love my Union Jack pillow. J loves everything the pillow is for him!

Dad's funky art work that is ALL over my house :)

More of Dad's work

Love this sign from Joss and Main. You can't tell from the picture, but it's like a chalk paint written over glass with a framed print, so it's 3D.

I have a small obsession with great soy candles and essential oils.
This candle I got for my birthday :)

We also got a Nest--which has been great for using an app on our phone to set it while we are gone. Plus, it's been energy efficient and Austin Energy gave us a rebate for getting it! Win!

Always have some essential oils going...
love sitting here and getting some quiet time.
I love this big Rustic K in our kitchen.
My new favorite STORE all! (The Craig's list steal)

swapped out the boring white curtain in the hall bath for this beautiful French inspired one :) LOVE.  Kie loves it and tells me 'that's where Meme lives!

Kix this morning at Central Market. Seriously, he gives the best faces. He didn't want to get out of the shopping
Sweet J slept with the kids last night during the thunderstorm. We all played musical beds. And at one point, Justin was in Kie's twin bed with both boys. 
My love for Frankincense. I love using this oil because I always think of our beautiful Savior and how He was gifted it.
The boys and I went for a walk/jog yesterday. SO humid but I loved the overcast skies. Slowly building back my endurance. So grateful to feel like working out again.

A Chair and little ottoman that J just finished for a client. She loves it! I love how is able to do anything with his hands.
Blessed my babies have a daddy like J

There is our old rug. See how I needed a new one? Also, Kie is showing off his crown and his baby's crown that Justin made them lol.
Glow in the Dark Mustache fun!

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