Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I have not gone into hiding!

hello readers! Do I still have any?

Forgive me for taking such a long leave of absence. I have been living life...
We all are reminded on a daily basis by the news online and on our TVs that life doesn't stop or slow down, or even last long.

So, instead of taking the time I use to blog...I have been, well living and being present.

Do I miss writing?
Yes, I do.
But sometimes, life takes over.
Instead of using the time at night to write, I do my chores. Or, I sit for the first time all day.
Or, I just hold my baby.

My big ole baby is nearing the 6 months mark!
As of right now, he is weighing in at 18.6lbs. He is still exclusively breastfed and we have not started solids. I believe in baby-led weaning and eating. So, I'll introduce him some avocado soon. Probably a bit after his 6 month mark. I don't do baby cereal or oats because I am against introducing gluten to babies this young because of intolerance's they could have. I start with avocados and sweet potatoes. 

As for clothes/diapers---He is wearing a size 3 diaper.
 They're a bit big, but the size 2 were getting too small. He also still wears a 6-9, 9-12 onesies and pjs.
His favorite things and people are still his brother--and me (because I'm the 24hr buffet) and he loves his silly dad. Justin makes the funniest faces.
He also LOVES his feet and his bouncer.
Kie never tried grabbing his feet! So I love to see the differences between the two babies.

We will be starting our first swim lesson in the following weeks...a bit later than we did with Kie. But, we're pumped to get him into the water.
Kie and Kix also bathe together and they both love it so!
Kix spends sometime on his belly playing --and he kinda spins himself in a circle...or scoots.
No crawling yet and I hope he doesn't for a while!
I love the immobile child, makes life easier! lol
Also, no teeth yet...but I think they'll be here soon! (oy)
He also can sit up for a short amount of time, but for the most part he does the 'tri-pod' sitting pretty well.
I can't believe how fast time is flying!

And oh the differences between Kie and Kix.

Kix is definitely a 'baby' in every term.
He is sensitive & cuddly.
He loves to be held and he is spoiled rotten.

I may of spoiled Kie some, but Kix...well this baby is still sleeping IN THE BED with us.
My husband is not too happy, but I can't seem to bring myself to moving him out.
He is so cuddly and I'm determined to have one kid* be a big time snuggler.
*Kie snuggles, but cannot sleep with me. I've tried countless times!
Kix is also SO loud. He screeches and squeals all the time! He gets so excited to be around his big truly melts this gal's heart!

As for life lately?

Well, we're super busy!
The weather here in Austin has been great!
We spend out weekdays going to parks, hitting up trails and playing outside.
On the weekends, it varies: We have been having lunches out on the patios at all the fun-family friendly  restaurants. We did a fun Easter egg hunt at our church for Easter. Kie has been loving his new nursery class at church. We have done a kite festival, free SXSW concerts, the Austin zoo...and countless trips to the lake already to hike and play at the parks and have picnics.

Some nights we are lucky to go on family walks and those rare cool evenings, we start a fire in our firepit in the backyard and enjoy time together as a family...

Kie also recently joined a soccer league (I think he's a bit young, but this is his dad's doing!)
and so we also do a lot of soccer practicing. Basically, we stay busy!

Also, our new *classroom/playroom is underway. Justin has been working in his free time on the weekends to framing up the new room.
I can't wait to have a space dedicated to our school supplies, crafts, learning items and toys!
*We are homeschooling, that's a post I'll write about in the future.

As for the 'near' future---this weekend we are having my parents in and we are going to a UT baseball game. Kie loves baseball, as do we! And of course I love my Horns :)
I'm excited for Kix to go to his first game as well.
I feel I'm probably leaving out a lot of stuff!

But, I'm going to do better about updating!

I'll leave yall with some pictures--plus I have a 'HOT MOM' post and the building of our 'classroom' to come! Stay tuned!


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