Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rants, Raves and Recents

Ahh, I've been wanting to write.
But, in order to write I've had to wake before the crack of dawn to do so.

Truth be told, I woke because of a headache--and my headache, I believe has been caused because of annoyances I've been holding on to. (That and the previous day I stayed up late and woke up early to prep and prepare for a 'fun day' that never occurred...which is what I'm writing of.)

Sometimes, it's hard for me to be truthful on here.
I know that sounds weird. But, as a Christian woman--I don't want to turn others off by complaining. 
It's not that I am NOT truthful--it's just I rather omit the complaining and negativity that sometimes I feel.
Sure, if you're my best friend--YOU will hear me rant and vent.
(Hey best friends and sweet husband!) Lol.

But for the most part, I won't complain to others (unless I'm comfortable with you). I just don't believe in doing so--because I feel I need to be Christ-like at all times. 
AND because my 'issues or annoyances' are n-o-t-h-i-n-g in the BIG comparison of life and all things important.
However, my heart and my head sometimes hurt because I am human.
And sometimes, my emotions do get the best of me.

I don't feel like going into it too much--but what I'm referencing to is flakiness.
It's a pet peeve of mine.
I understand in life that there are times when things don't work out and that's understandable and I also know we should NEVER put stock in other humans.
I've learned this lesson SO many times.

So I don't know why I seem to still get hurt or upset when others let me down.
God has been teaching me this lesson for decades. it seems.
I already feel better just getting this out.
So, maybe that's what I needed to do.

I also want to be a better friend to all MY sweet friends--and to call me out (gently) if I tend to not be there or flake on them.
I know with two kids, there are excuses at times.
 But, I've had friends with way more kids than me--be there for me in the past. 
So, I know I can at least do the same!
 And I always want to be a good friend to those who love and need me too!

*Ok, not my typical posting. But, it was on my heart this am!

Alright, now for my usual updating!

Besides the flakiness, 
LIFE has been GREAT and FLYING!

Last weekend we went to Kie's first soccer game.
So, that technically makes me a soccer mom ALREADY!
Where is time going!?
To be fair, it's not much of a game..
It's more like these adorable little 2 and 3 year olds kick around a soccer ball, attempt to kick it in a goal and do drills.
Now, I am SO not being partial here, but Kie was the best.

I don't know a thing about soccer besides you try and aim for the goal. But, Justin (former soccer player) has been working with Kie and he is just a natural.

I knew he would be athletic because Justin and I are athletic--but, considering Kie started half way through the season and was out kicking the other kids was pretty impressive.
Go on and cringe a bit at that sentence...
I would too if I wasn't his mom.
But, I'm just being truthful. Kie is outgoing and athletic at a young age--and I am grateful for it.
baby wearing at TownLake
I could care less if he was an athlete or if he was into music or art or whatever--but I'm just glad he has confidence to try and do new things at such a young age--and I hope no one ever crushes that in him.

Later that day we went to the UT baseball game with my parents.
Kie and Kix were so well behaved for the entire game.
UT beat West Virginia 12 to 0. OR, 13 to 0.
Whatever the score, it was a BLOW OUT! 
Hook Em!

The day was perfect, sunny with a little chill in the air!
That night Justin and I got to have a mini date.
We headed to the boat docks to have a few ales and to sit on a blanket and watch the dinner cruises gliding on the dark waters of the lake. 
 It was just an hour or so...but it was nice to get out.

This week we have been spring cleaning a bit and working in the yard.
Our backyard is looking more and more like the tropical oasis I've always wanted.
Our yard now is nicer than most parks or garden I've ever been to. 
I love walking in the soft grass, sans shoes.
(I take that back, Claude Monet's garden in France is pretty amazing--I'm striving for a yard like that!)

We're also excited to set up all the pools for the summer.
I ordered Kie and Kix both their own little pools (each one age appropriate for them)
and we can't wait to splash and play.

Also this weekend, we're so excited to see my good friend Rachel, it's been too long!
She's coming in this weekend and we're going to the Round Rock Express game---and to meet up with our other good friends, Amanda & Warren.

Then it will be May! And the next two months will be flying by!
May is full of weddings, wedding anniversaries, Mother's day, Ranger games, graduations and more.
Our weekends are nearly booked straight to July--which brings us to the beach!

So, basically, I have a short amount of time to whip myself into beach shape.

And that brings me, LASTLY--(this is a random rambling post)
to my HOT MOM segment.

Since I took a small sabbatical from blogging, I've had ups and downs in the weight department.
Mainly a stagnate, plateau.

I wasn't trying to lose--because I was content with life.
I didn't see the need for a long time to try and lose. I was comfy in my yoga pants.

However, my husband got me a really nice double jogger stroller--and I had no more excuses...and lake season is basically upon us!
So, I guess after Easter with all the bad (good) eating and dinners out--and Easter bunnies I consumed...I decided I needed to stop and get it together.

Since Easter..I've been doing a bit of Paleo eating--and just cleaning up my extra indulgences. I still do eat bad things here and there--but I try to limit it and not do it DAILY like I had been. I did Paleo for two weeks or so---and then started doing a more 70-80% paleo eating. 

So far, I'm nearly 10lbs down! (Roughly 8ish-9 lbs)
I still have about 14lbs to get back to pre-pregnancy weight (I gained 50lbs total) so I'm excited to be getting CLOSER to where I started pre-Kix days.

What I do, besides eat a bit better--is try and walk/jog daily.
Most times, I take the boys out to a park or trail--or those rare nights I get to have 15-20 minutes where I run either right before dinner or after diner--depending on Justin's schedule.
I just run around my neighborhood before it gets dark.
And since it's getting darker later, I have a little bit bigger window.

I also switch it up some with Wii-Fit or a little Yoga to stay stretched and flexible.
And lastly, I have been doing some weight lifting.
Kie riding his truck

I have a new medicine ball that I love--and I do reps with it---and sometimes I do fast/enough reps to get an aerobic exercise too.

I still have a LONG way to go (toning and losing 14lbs) but I'm glad I finally got off the plateau I was on for months and months!

Alright, well this post has been a bit everywhere...

I know I said I was going to talk about our classroom we're building on--and I WILL!
In fact, I was going to write about why we are homeschooling--
but that will have to wait.

Ps, I feel eons better about my 'annoyance' pre-writing this.
I guess that's why I love to write, helps me get everything out...

And now to start my day soon with my two sweet boys.

Until next time,

PSS-Here's to being a HOT Soccer Mom soon!
And enjoy some random shots from my cell phone.

Intently watching the game
*wearing his new Baltic amber teething bracelet
two of the three loves of my life
 my little Longhorn!
beautiful day for some BASEBALL
Kix and his Baltic amber bracelet and necklace...
My inner hippie is showing :)
Hoping to help with any future teething issues
Joshua and Kie, love them both
Kie's helmet, his Dad special ordered.
Now we have the perspective of a two-year old during his adventures on his bike and truck!
my handsome babies and Big Daddy, Easter Sunday

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