Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy 6 Months Kix Baby!

Kix Baby 'turned' SIX MONTHS this past week.
Where is time going?!

My baby is getting big. I still can't make time pause...(a battle I've been fighting since Kie was born) nonetheless, it is JOYOUS to watch them learn and grow :)

As for Kix, he still hasn't had any solid foods yet. We're teetering close to 20lbs...still wearing the same size clothes (9-12months typically) and size 3 diapers.

We also don't do bottles.  But that's because I've not pumped a surplus of milk like I did with Kie.
That's something I need to work on.
We will be seeing the doctor next week--and I may start introducing him to a few solids. But, since our weight is good--and we have no teeth--I am not in a rush.

Speaking of teeth, we have none as of now. However, I am sad to say I thought I saw two small white areas on the bottom of his gums popping up. So, we could wake up tomorrow with teeth!

Kix loves his brother still (Kie is everyone's source of entertainment!) and he loves standing (while being held) his bouncy chair/jumparoo thing...and he loves being held.

Like I've said, he is the true baby of the bunch.
And, yes...he still is in our bed.
But--he does go down by himself now--and he takes a morning nap alone.
By the way, this is ALL because I've yet to let him go down alone.
 I am having big issues letting go of my baby time.
 I think because I realized this go around HOW fast time flies!

We still do baby wearing (and I love it so) when we go shopping or out for groceries...Or, if I am taking Kix for a walk sans Kie.

Kix also loves to talk--and he screams and squeals as well.
His -word- he says over and over is 'BA BA BA BA'...
He did say something that sounded like DADA the other day, but I am not counting it.
I need one of my babies to say 'mama' first ;)

Anyway, sweet baby Kix is 6months-and though time is FLYING by--I could not be more happier with him being added to our family.
I feel like he was always here with us!
We're so blessed to have a sweet wild, angel baby :)
my handsomes

I say wild, because he literally doesn't stop moving or jumping.
Love you sweet 'lil dimpled boy!

AND for a few updates....

Last weekend turned out to be pretty nice weekend.
Friday, J-Me and the babies met with our friends for dinner and happy hour.
They're trying to find a home in the South Austin area--and have been looking for months.
The market is insane right now!
We're hoping they find something soon so we can be closer. We love them so :)
Saturday, Kie had his second weekend with the Soccer Shots! It is so much fun to watch him play.

And it's also pretty hilarious. 
The little boys kept interrupting the game and drills to play an impromptu of 'Ring Around the Rosie'.
little blurry @ Red's

Seriously, can you imagine anything cuter than a soccer game being paused for 'Ring around the Rosie?'

Later that day my oldest bestie (oldest--as in forever friends) came in town and we had a fun early evening at Red's Porch and then went to watch the Round Rock Express game.*
We being me, my hubs and the two boys* to clarify! 

Sunday-we went to church and had a lovely weekend catching up and relaxing some. Something we rarely do. We never just sit!

As for this week, we have been busy! Tomorrow our friend's are getting married--and we're taking the babies--so, I'm crossing fingers all goes well.
Then Saturday is our anniversary :)
I'm sure Justin has something up his sleeve...he always does.
(I, on the other hand, need to get on the ball!)

Speaking of getting on the ball...
I'm about to hop on my stationary bike for an hour of riding!

PS-Stay tuned on my HOT MOM POST...

Until next time,
Express Baseball game! So fun!
Does this purse go with this baby?
getting the boat out for this weekend
crossing fingers it gets warm!

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