Thursday, May 16, 2013

The time Kie got a train stuck in his hair and bullet points!

I have about a million and one posts in draft right now...I start one and then my ADD brain can't finish it. 
SO this one will be a bit of a ramble and a BIG jumble of a few posts in one
...I apologize in advance.
Let's rewind and do some bullet points of the past two weeks and what's been going on here @ The Knuth household.
  • LAST LAST weekend was J and my 3rd wedding anniversary. In short, we had a great weekend. Our friends also had their wedding the night before. It was a beautiful wedding and it was a great night out with our two boys (who behaved very well for their first wedding) It was a lot of fun with good friends we haven't seen in awhile. Overall, a beautiful night full of lots of love and laughter! 
  • Our anniversary fell on Saturday so we of course had Kie's soccer game. Afterwards, J and I got Kie a new bike seat. So we took the boys out for some biking adventures.  It was a lot of fun! We love getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I also attempted to run some--more on that later. In short, we spent the day out and about in the spring time sun.  That night we had a nice dinner at home and shared the evening around the bonfire in the backyard with the boys.  It was nice, chill and a perfect end to a great day.
  • As for this past weekend, it was Mother's Day weekend--Kie had another soccer game and got a medal! It was so cute watching all those precious little two year olds. Kie made some great friends! We can't wait to do another soccer session for this summer.
  • Sunday, we went to church as usual--and as of late..I've been spending the sermons in the breezeway with a few other moms and their babies.  Kie goes to nursery but I've yet to put Kix in the nursery. So, I spend my time pacing the breezeway and meeting new mommies. It's kinda fun! Plus, I get to burn a few extra calories vs. sitting in a pew. Kix just wants to preach and talk when Dr. Bowman does his sermons ;)
  • After church, we had a Mother's Day lunch at one of our favorite spots, Santa's Rita's--and then we got the boat ready and prepped to go to the lake.
  • It was our first time out on the boat for the season AND it was the first time going out on the boat  as a family of 4! Basically, Kix's first time out on Lake Austin. And what a beautiful day it was!  It was too cold to wake board still (Lake Austin's water stays considerably cold for most of the summer). But we enjoyed a few hours on the boat--and then we hit up Cain and Abel's on the lake for some great food and drinks.  It was a beautiful day--and a beautiful reminder of how blessed I am as a mother to two precious boys. So grateful to my amazing God for my two blessings! (3, counting Justin!)

Oh, and for Mother's day....Justin and the boys REALLY out did themselves....I got a beautiful new orchid, a card that Kie and Kix colored me and a Tiffany's necklace with 3 rings. The rings representing the three of them.
Justin is getting it engraved with Kie and Kix's name and their birth dates...and the middle ring will have our wedding anniversary on it.
It's a beautiful piece and I'll cherish it for years to come!

As for THIS weekend--my parents are coming in to go to my cousin, Grant's UT graduation.
So proud of him! Justin, Warren and Kie will be going to see some races at the Circuit of America's track--and I'll be seeing lots of family as well! I'm excited to see everyone! 

Oh as for the the train story--guess that should be covered. Well--in short, Kie took a nap with his Thomas the Train. Who, is electrical because it runs on his train tracks. Well, not long after I put him down--I hear some wailing....and I go into his room to discover his train was greatly tangled in his long mop of blonde hair. Guess he decided to drive it on his head? I don't know..
Anyway, Kie was crying and being the good mom I am, I insisted on pictures.

I tried my best to loosen the train from his hair. But, I ended up having to cut a big chunk out. So, now he has a nice little bald spot on the top of his cute little head. 
Lol. Oh toddlers...I love them so! ;)

Texas sky during our bonfire in the backyard
So, yes...that's what's been going on in a short version.
Of course there's a lot of living in the day to day--but, that's the big points I can remember for now.

AS for Operation HOT MOM--I've been slacking some in the exercise department this week. I have tried many attempts to do some exercise dvds and even got two videos for my tablet to watch when I'm outside with the boys... but, I'm so ADHD I rarely finish them. Plus, I get distracted with the needs of the babies.  However, I've been eating pretty clean. I've even cut out my BIGGEST VICE--DIET SODAS!

In fact, it's been 3 weeks today that I stopped
cold turkey drinking Diet Dr Peppers. I have been drinking those things since the age of 13! That means, 13 years of a bad habit! It was hard the first few days--and I still crave them on occasion--but wow, I never thought I could stop them completely!

And to be honest, I don't miss them now. Plus, I've had less headaches--and feel less bloated. I also don't snack as much. Sometimes I'd have a diet Dr. Pepper and grab a snack to go with it, just because it tasted good.

I still like bubbly drinks, so I resorted to drinking sparkling mineral water (Perrier water with lime) when I need something with bubbles.

I've lost another lb or two...which totals my weight loss from Easter to be about 13lbs. I still have a ways to go! However, I couldn't of gone THIS far without my good, GOOD friend Juli! Seriously, she's my healthy/weight loss/exercise sponsor! 
I love her to death--and we check in on one another everyday.  She talks me out of eating Blizzards and cakes for every meal every day ;) Hehe. 
She's been such a blessing and a positive encouragement to me to get back on a healthy kick.  And, I gotta admit--I do feel better! There are days when I'm tired but eating veggies, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats have helped my mood. Plus, with spring and summer--there are a lot of great fruits and fresh veggies to enjoy.

Alright, enough of that...I'm going to leave you with some pictures!
SOON---I'll post some before/after pictures.
I have some pretty bad BEFORE pictures!

Until next time,
getting ready for our next sport!
Kix having his first solids--sweet potatoes

Coach Sydney & Kie
Lake Austin & the 360 Bridge
LOVE this beautiful city

@ Cain & Abel's


  1. Haha those train pictures made me laugh! Bless his heart!!

  2. Love the update! And I agree, the hair train pics are hilarious! I'm sure it happens to every kid.


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