Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Bit of Life in Pictures!

QUICK update and the rest are just pretty pictures!
Daddy J and Kie are out at the Circuit of America's for some 'fastcar races' as Kie would say.
So Kix and I have had the day together :)
The house is spotless, dinner is cooking--I've been shopping and now about to attempt the SHRED!
Shower, nap and I'd call this a beautiful and successful day!
Life is a bit simplier with one that is NOT mobile.
 It makes a world of difference when they're are able to move!
(Kix is well on his way, but I'll save that for another post!) 
Let's just say, trapping him in things and chairs is what I've had to do as of late.

ALRIGHTY I'm going to get my OPERATION HOT Mom on.
aka sweat and look gross ;)
Happy Weeekend Readers!

Cinco de Mayo with my favorite fellas! 
Fun with Daddy J
Beautiful Lake Austin 
Bike riding and picked momma a flower ;)
after church--bird watching
Handsome Kie
Paul and Amber
My handsome guys!

our lovely backyard oasis 
my hibiscus bloomed! (I have 4 of these tattooed on me btw!)
 love the jasmine on our fence this time of year
smells wonderful!
My necklace that's getting engraved with Kie and Kix's birthdate and our wedding anniversary.
 sweet surprise from J

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