Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Because, I'm crazy...

Hey readers and friends!

Little update and some ramblings...
Last weekend was my cousin's graduation so my parents were in town.  It is always so nice to have them around and when they leave I tend to go into a little depression.

I wish most times my parents lived closer. Or that they lived here. But, Atlanta is their home--and in some ways I'm glad they're there.

It provides a nice break for us when we go visit and I appreciate both Atlanta and Austin when I'm in either location.
Austin is our home--Atlanta is their home.

That being said, it takes me a few days to get out of the funk of missing my family.
My happiest memories are when they're around! And I thank God for allowing me to have the family that I do--and a family that ultimately makes it a priority to spend time together.

Anywho, the last few weeks I've been trying to implement a 'schedule' for Kie & Kix.
This schedule is more so for my sanity and it's more Kie's schedule--than Kix's.
Kix, has a schedule --but not like Kie's!

Of course, there are days when we totally disregard it--but for most part...we do most of the schedule.
Kie loves it! (Most children like some structure to their days!) And he has been 'reading it' and likes to inform me what is next on the schedule. (It's a big poster on the hallway door)

Also, it is helping me get into gears for a future HOMESCHOOLING schedule!
Yep, I'm homeschooling.
Yes, I've promised to write why---but I think I'd have essay upon essay on the why....

In short,
if you're not a parent may think I'm CRAZY to want to home school.
Or, that I'm a nut job--or that I want to brainwash my kids.
But wait till you have a child.
Wait until the sole responsibility to raise, protect, guide, nurture and teach that child is upon you.
It's not something I take lightly.

You may think twice about where your child goes to school or what they're exposed to--or what they learn at the hands of another individual (be it teacher, society or peer.)

Frankly, I don't care what others think or say or do on regards to this decision.
If I did care, I'd of cut my 2 1/2 year old's long blond hippie hair ;)

I don't live for others.
I don't even live for me.

I live for my Savior.
God's will and calling for me.

And, I feel I'm being called to home school.
And yes, prior to kids--even prior to this year--I was all about the public school route.
But, my heart begin to change.
Resources popped up, thoughts changed...and I felt a strong tugging at my heart. Then, I saw signs everywhere--telling me I was heading down the right path.
That homeschooling was a path we should explore.
Not only does the daily news affirm to me why I should home school--but a billion other reasons.

My family may not understand,
my friends might not understand,
heck, sometimes I'm a bit scared of what I'm going to attempt to do---
but I KNOW that this is what I should do.

All I know is God changed my husband's heart and mine.
So, this is our path!
I'm excited and happy!

I've never had peace about putting Kie into school--and the peace I have about homeschooling is real and hopeful!

ANYWAY, because I'm crazy we're going to be embarking on homeschooling.
(I say this jokingly because I hear this often from people opposed to the home school route!)

Now for Operation HOT MOM:

(Yes, I realize that has a vain tone to it--and not that I worry about being said 'hot' status for anyone besides myself and husband....maybe I should name it, healthy and hot mom?)

Anyway, for Operation Healthy & Hot Mom

I decided to start boot camp again...because, I'm crazy!

I have a love/hate relationship with boot camp.

It's hard to get up so early when you rarely get sleep (did I mention Kix is teething? Or having some growth pains?) Anyway--we don't sleep much and by the time I drift off into Sleepville--Kie bounces into my bedroom to wake me!

SO...this Monday--5:30am wake up call--and workouts!
For 4weeks.

We'll see how I fair.
I do know with the little working out I've been doing is nothing compared to the rigorous workouts I will be expecting to do during boot camps.

POST-Kie days I use to do boot camps every week. I got in GREAT shape and was strong and had tons of stamina for my running. It took a long time to get there and I'm ready to be fit and strong again!

Of course, I would be lying to say it wouldn't be nice to fit into my pre-Kix jeans. (Size 7-8) and even better pre-Kie jeans (Size 4-6).  ANYWAY--I'll post/update on my boot camps and hopefully in 4 weeks I'll be a lot stronger and if I'm lucky, LEANER!

Alright, this momma is going to go clean house while one baby naps.

Until next time,

My friend sent this to me and I love it! lol

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