Thursday, November 14, 2013

15 Facts

SO, this has been circulating my newsfeed...but, decided instead of putting in on Facebook I'd share here.

1.) I was named after Halley's comet. In 1986, it past the closest by the Earth and will return when I'm 75 (if I make it that long.)
And yes, it is pronounced Halley--not Haley. I asked my astronomer professor.

2.) I have 3 tattoos. 2 of the 3 are comets. My biggest one has a mix of Claude Monet's the great wave, weaved in it. 

3.) I love Claude Monet.  I've been to his house and Japanese gardens in France.

4.) I bring my own cleaning supplies to hotels and clean the rooms before we unpack. And yes, this goes for nice and not-as-nice hotels. 

5.) I saw Clay Walker working out in a gym in Arlington. It took me an hour to place who he was without a cowboy hat. I went over to him and talked to him and he gave me tickets for me and my friends to his concert at Billy Bob's.

6.) At a George Strait concert with my Mom, I saw George walking by and grabbed him and wouldn't let go. Security had to pull me off.

7.) I saw Tim McGraw in Louisiana at a concert/celebrity softball game. When he was driving off in his Escalade, I jumped in the passenger window and grabbed onto his sweaty arm. He wasn't amused, but he shouldn't of had his window down.

8.) In the first week Justin and I were dating, he took me skydiving. I jumped out of the plane in a skirt and halter top. I also had to borrow someones shoes. I'm terrified of planes, heights and small spaces. It must of been love.

9.) As a kid, I was obsessed with Star Wars. I wanted to marry Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. 

10.) My mom nearly named me Harrison cranFORD. But, I was a girl. I guess mom also loved Star Wars.

11.) Growing up in Atlanta, I thought I was an alien. I pretended my laundry hamper was a rocket ship. I spent lots of time cramped in it...traveling back to my origin, 'Planet H'.

12.) I wash my hands more than a dozen times in a day.

13.) In college, I hosted my own television show called SUBTEXT. The company/show was bought out and now I can't find anymore of my episodes :/

14.) After dating Justin for 5 months, I still didn't say or know how to pronounce his last name. He finally asked me what his last name was and I had to embarrassingly admit I didn't know.

It's pronounced KA-NEWT. 

15.) I have an acute sense of smell. Some of my biggest memory triggers are by smells.

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