Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kix turns ONE: part 2

This post is a week late, but that's kinda the story of my life. 
We had an amazing, fun-filled weekend for Kix's FIRST birthday!

Justin, had been away a week in NYC for work and he returned right before midnight on Kix's birthday. So he was kinda a present for Kix as well, lol.
I was SO thrilled to see him. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without my rock. God is ultimately my foundation but Justin is my cornerstone.  He is such an amazing father. He bathes the boys every night that he is home, helps feed them dinner and plays and plays with them. On weekends, he takes them everywhere with him like they're his pride and joy. And they are!
Justin is such a hands-on father regardless the amount of work he does every week. (80-90 hr work week.)

ANYWAY, that week away from him with the stomach virus and absolutely no help made me appreciate him SO MUCH!

I digress, so, that next day we started the morning with pumpkin pancakes for Kix---and then we went to Kie's soccer game with balloons decorating his stroller. Kie and Kix both LOVE balloons.
And since Kie's soccer game is at Zilker Park, we went and rode the beloved train around the park.  Of course, we had balloons in tow as well since Kix was the special birthday boy.

After that we headed home for the babies to get a good nap in because we were heading to the FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL at the Quarries.

We also did a birthday photo shoot with Kix (that I did) and it went so smoothly.
Seriously, babies this age are so easy to take pictures of---
it's when they turn into toddlers that things really get challenging.

That night we had so much fun at the Quarries.  There were so many games and fun activities. I also got to see lots of our friends from church and many of the kids from our Sunday school class.
It was such a fun time and the weather was perfect, a little chilly breeze matched with sun-filled skies. (Just like the night I went into labor with him!)

Kie loved all the fun games and of course, he got to 'win' candy.
We all really enjoyed ourselves :)

Once home we got dinner from Central Market and Kix got special cupcakes that his daddy decorated.  We had a sweet, little celebration, sang Happy Birthday and it was special and intimate. Just watching my two little boys together made my heart so full and happy.
That night I cherished every single minute with Kix. And, I thought back to a year ago...I remember the never-ending back labor and how it was so different from the labor I experienced with Kie. I remember thinking I couldn't be in labor yet because I wasn't due for another two weeks. But, the weather was changing and a cold front was coming, a full moon was expected so maybe this could be bringing a baby too?
(truth is, my body just starts labor quicker than most.)

I called the nurse and the office was about to I told her about my pain I had been in all day and she said since my doctor was on call to come in to the hospital to be checked.

As usual, I took my time getting ready--I cleaned my already clean house. Got my makeup on--and called Chelsea to see if she could be ready in case we were having a baby. Of course, it was a Friday and it was nearly 5pm--rush hour....she lived nearly 30 minutes away in GOOD traffic.

We headed to the hospital with Kie---and my doctor came in to check me, low and behold I was in full on labor and dilating quickly.  I was already 6cm and about to have a baby. (Of course, I cannot have a baby in the natural way due to my pelvic bones.) So, I was going to be rushed to a csection pronto.

Nerves set in, prayers were uttered and my doctor even prayed aloud with me.
My little, now bloody, paper of Bible verses that I clung onto during bed rest the last 3 weeks was in my hands...(bloody now because the nurse jabbed me a few times to get my IV in.)

My doctor, who I loved, said he would give Chelsea 20-30 minutes to get to the hospital for Kie but we couldn't wait much longer because they didn't want the baby to descend any lower....otherwise, they'd had to PUSH him back up the birth canal. Something they had to painfully do to Kie a few times.

Of course, all went well after all :) for a csection.
My sweet boy was delivered...and instead of him going to another hospital or to the NICU I got to meet Kix, an hour later after delivery. (Sucks for us c-section moms!) But, regardless this birth experience was a lot easier than Kie's.

Those first few days in the hospital were a blur.
Kix never went to the nursery unless he had to get checked. But, instead he stayed in the room with me all 4 days. Yes, 4 days--you read that right. I stayed longer due to excessive bleeding and the fact I was very sick and allergic to the pain meds. 

It seems like yesterday but also a lifetime ago.
It is hard watching him grow so fast, but I also love this age.

I love watching him learn--and how his personality gets bigger and bigger each day.

It's bittersweet for us, mommies :)

I'm still a crazy mom with this second baby.
I'm overly protective and I don't care what others say about it.
My babies are MY babies.
I was put on this Earth to protect them, to raise them in HIM and to be their fighter.
I may not do everything right but I'm learning.

I've learned a lot this year--about balance and multi-tasking.
Kix, was meant to be in our family---just like Kie-or me or Justin.

I'm SO, SO, SO grateful for my sweet, little curly-headed, smart, walking, wild, NEVER-sleeping, cuddle bug baby boy!!! :)

Now be ready for about a half a million posts of my baby. These pictures make me so happy. Love this little baby boy!

until next time,

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