Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Spring and catch ups!

I don't think I have any reader's left....however, I still wanted to post so that perhaps down the road I can look back and recall some things ;)

Life has been lovely. Spring is the time of year I love best. Everything is blooming and green. It's warm, but not too hot yet...and of course I love Easter! (More on that later.)
Though, this year I did develop allergies it seems. Darn Austin! That said, all in all things have been pretty wonderful. Justin of course stays really busy with work but things at Land Rover/Jaguar have been changing. They have been expanding and it is so nice now! We go visit at least once a week and we either bring Justin lunch or a drink, or just stop by to say hello. 

The reason we love living in the city is that it is SO easy to see Justin when I need to. For that alone we would stay in the city. We also love going to Town Lake and so we stop by after our walk/jog to see him. After a day with two babies, sometimes an adult face is nice :) Also, it is even better when it's your best friend and love. Yep, I got all mushy.

Speaking of love and mush, Justin and my anniversary is coming up soon! 4 years. 4 years doesn't seem like that long. Maybe because it FLEW BY!

I honestly love Justin more with each passing year. I look forward to growing old with him. Justin's energy levels have yet to decrease --and he can still run circles around me! He still amazes me and still finds different ways weekly (sometimes daily) to express his love. I am truly blessed to be his wife. And our little boys are so lucky that he is their dad. Justin was meant to be a father. It just comes so natural to him.

As for other updates, we have YET to go on the boat this year. CRAZY! Typically, we are out by March. But, this year was colder longer--and Justin has been flying out of town for work--and we just haven't gotten to cleaning the boat out and getting out there. Plus, since we do Sunday School everyday Sunday now--we lost one day during the weekend to get out.

Hopefully that will change very soon! (getting on the lake, not leaving Sunday school lol)

As for the kiddos, Kie and Kix are so great. Most days. For one, the love they give me is so wonderful. I never knew what unconditional love truly was until I became a mother. 

Kie these days is still really in love with dinosaurs.  He also knows ALL his letters and their sounds. Which was the most important to me. I felt he needed to know the sounds the letters made so reading would come easier. So, we really focused on that! He loves the letter 'K' because it makes the sound 'Ka-Ka-Ka' like KICK. So of course, when he says K he has to kick something. Oh boys.

Kie also still loves riding his red truck--and digging for worms. We filled their water table with sand--and he digs and digs. He also likes to do 'projects'. Basically anything he can cut and glue is fun. And he likes to trace letters.

Also, I love how innocent Kie still is at 3 1/2. He really is a sweet boy. Yes, he can be dramatic like his momma, but more so, he is still pretty sweet. He also has the BIGGEST imagination. Definitely like me. I use to pretend all the time as a kid. I could play for hours on end and so can Kie. For Easter this year, he got some more wood railroad track to expand his little collection. He loves trains as well. 

Then, there is my wild child, Kix.
Ooo this baby. He is something else. Currently, as I write this...he is dancing and screaming by me. He loves, LOVES to dance. And climb. He climbs everything. He scales furniture with ease. I find him more times than not, standing on top of our dining room table reaching for the chandelier. 
Also, that baby and his hair. It is this curly, soft, craziness. I love it but still not sure where it came from!

Ohhh, kids, love some BLUES. They love Ray Charles and have to listen to it in the car every time we get in. I am not sure where that comes from either. Perhaps it's because their family is all from the deep South so it just comes naturally? Lol, not sure.

ALL in All, life has been sweet but FLYING by....PLEASE SLOW DOWN SPRING!

We have been doing some fun stuff around the city (pictures below)--and with summer on the way, we have lots of plans too! I plan on blogging more because I have some news to share! (No, not pregnant).

Hope everyone is doing well! And get ready for a ton of pictures!


Rare treat, got to get my toes done the other day! (DURING THE WEEK!)
ps, classic mom outfit--yoga pants

Got to have lunch with Meme this week at Central Market. Does she look 89?! Uh no!

Dying eggs with Daddy
Kie gave me these three flowers and then Kix, gave me the stick. lol They are such cute little gentlemen already!

Patio lunch at Santa Rita's

Ummm he has to wear these shoes regardless if they match....because they are his 'super fast running shoes'

went on a date with my hubs last weekend, first dinner date in like a YEAR.
Insane, right? --also got to see some good friends after :)

apparently half plates are...the new thing?

check out the wiggle worm with Grant...he basically needs a harness for him.
look how clear Town Lake is! And check out all those turtles!

UT Baseball game!! Look at my little Longhorns!

See how he is on top the table? ignore the laundry lol

seriously so many cranes

Justin delivered me a sweet gift when he was out of town one week.

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