Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 weeks y'all

How far along?  
30 weeks
Maternity clothes?  Yes and no. I wear some maternity tops and regular yoga pants. Or, I wear a lot sundresses and big T's. If it ever gets cooler I'll break out my maternity jeans.
Total weight gain/loss?  29lbs--shhh, I'm still doing better this pregnancy then the last. My goal is stay under 40 this go around! Last pregnancy I put on close to 50!

Stretch marks? None! :) surprise.
 Ha! Sleep, what's that?
Best moment this week? I don't have gestational diabetes this pregnancy! Whoo hoo! I am anemic, however.
Movement?  Yes, sweet boy kicks me a lot. I love watching him move through my shirt. I want Kie to feel him but I don't want to scare him! lol
Food cravings?  None. If I have any, I cook it. Mainly cooking lots of pastas and casseroles. Though, my sweet tooth is back. But that's typical pregnancy or not ;)
Gender? Still very much a boy.
Labor signs? Braxton Hicks. And I cramp a lot...but, it's also hot out and it's a reminder to drink more water.
Belly button in/out? still in :)
What I miss: I tire out easily.  I wish I had the energy to exercise, keep up with Kie, cook, clean and work. But typically I have to chose certain things to get done in a day instead of powering through it all. 
What I am looking forward to: This weekend! Cleaning Kie's closet and drawers out. Washing newborn clothes....and buying a few new things for Baby. Also, prepping our house for a big Longhorn Football kick Off Party! Whoo hoo! Hook 'Em!!
Milestones: 30 weeks has me a bit terrified of another c-section!
They're not exactly fun, but the outcome is amazing! :)

 au natural and just up from my Sunday nap.
Justin loves to get the candid shots.
At least I'm eating watermelon and not ice-cream, right?


  1. Hey!! First, you look great. Second, I have that shirt!! The orange-ish color. Target, right?

    1. Aw thanks Melissa, I look big, but this pregnancy I don't feel as big as my last. Maybe it's because I know what to expect? (Size wise?)
      And yessss, it's getting too snug for me. It's a maternity top right?
      I put it on that day and asked my husband if it was a maternity top because it sure wasn't fitting like one anymore haha!

  2. So you are on baby #2? Congrats! You look great! Especially for just waking up!


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