Friday, August 24, 2012

Know That

There's countless times during the day that I say something like,

"Kie, you're so smart, you know that?"


"Kie, you're so wild, you know that?"

"Kie, you're so silly, you know that?

"Kie you're so cute, you know that?

Etc, etc, etc.....

His response to me, every time....

"Know that."

Ahhh, toddlers....
So cute, so wild and already know more than their moms.

Watermelon mess

Becky, one of my favorite Mama blogs to read,
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She's currently pregnant with baby #2 and she has a beautiful nearly-two-year old, Elliana.
Go check out her blog, From Mrs To Mama.

Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!


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