Monday, August 13, 2012

the boob debate

As most of my close friends and family know...
I nursed Kie for awhile.
No, not 3 years...(obviously, since he is not even 2 yet)
But, I nursed him past my goal of one year.
In fact, we went 19 months.

A lot of my friends quit nursing a bit earlier and some c r a z y moms are still nursing their toddlers.
Actually, I should clarify, I say it's crazy to nurse toddlers because their wild. They have a MOUTH full of little, pearly white shark teeth--and they're rough.
Ok, at least in my experience, MY toddler is.

Basically, I had to make a choice...
Was I wanting to have two boobs to nurse my future children? Or was I going to let them get bit off by my first child?? 
(Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but to moms that have been there then maybe you understand this is a valid question.)

I did like to nurse. In fact, I loved the quiet times Kie and I had on the couch.
Plus, as a nursing momma with a baby in her arms, it gives you a good excuse to SIT DOWN and rest some.

However, Kie was 16 months when I found out we were expecting another one.  I was wondering if I was going to have the energy to still nurse or if I was going to be asked by my doctor to quit.  I've had a lot of friends who had to stop nursing their babies because they were pregnant again and their bodies couldn't sustain both the nursing baby, the baby in the womb and their own energy.

Me, well I felt fine!
Yes, I was tired...
and I was sick.
And mainly, that was the biggest issue.

Kie would nurse and he would be laying across my stomach in some way that would NOT HELP my morning all day sickness.  Still, I pushed on.

We nursed right through the first trimester. 
Deemed the roughest.
But, then I realized how big Kie was.

It never occurred to me how BIG he had been getting.
His teeth were sprouting up,
he was learning to push and kick and resist...
and he was rough.

I mean, he's a boy.
He's pretty rough....

So I made the decision to wean him at 19 months.
We went a few weeks into the month and eventually we stopped.

There are times Kie pulls my shirt up or over...and asks to "nuuuuuu" 
Which in his language, translates to nurse.
He even says "boooobie."

In fact, he TRIED to nurse yesterday.
But, I'm glad we're done.
I've gotten a small break before I'll be nursing around the clock again.

And mothers, who've had c-sections know that nursing with a big incision is not easy or comfortable.
It took me weeks until I felt good about certain nursing positions.

I guess my next worry is how Kie will do with a new baby nursing.
Considering I know he still WOULD nurse if I allowed him to, I don't know what he'll think about a baby getting to nurse.

For now, the excuse to him is, 
"Their broken."
Broken is one of his favorite words.
In fact, I use this word a lot when he wants to turn on and off a lamp a million, billion times.

I guess we'll pass that bridge when it gets here.

Until next time,



  1. good for you for going for so long and stopping when you felt it was time! I'm sure he will forget by the time his brother comes around :)

    1. Thanks sweet momma! And congrats again on the BABY boy! I can't wait to see what he'll look like!! :) And the picking of his name!!


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