Friday, August 17, 2012

A very vain photo opt, from a PRE-baby Halley

So, I ran across a few photos of me PRE-kids.
These photos aren't my typical photos, especially of lately.
But, during these times I was an avid runner/cardio lover (and I was even after I had Kie) but my body, well it never went back to being like this.

Even during these photos, I thought I had a lot of work to do. Mainly on my abs, I was trying to get a six-pack. Think that's as close as I ever got.
Or ever will get. And of course, I have some love handles....(birthing hips!)

So yes, this is an ode to pre-baby Halley.
In fact, these photos were during my dating days with Justin.
Ahhh, what a blissful summer spent on the lake in my swim suit.

ahhh, life was pretty easy then. When all that consumed my world was what to wear on my next date, getting to work and making money.

Life was a lot more simple sans kids, but definitely not as joyous!

Here's looking to you, naive girl! 

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