Friday, January 24, 2014

From Fluffy to...?

I've been two weeks without a 'smartphone'...and to be perfectly honest, without my phone.
So, if you have been trying to get hold of me, call my husband.
 Or, send me a message on Facebook.
My phone finally died while I was in Atlanta, and I got a pre-paid phone to make it back (since hello 6 hours in a car across the state of Texas with two babies is NOT wise sans phone). And, since I've got that phone and it is as basic as anything....I've just not had an urge to get another. I mean, it serves it's purpose of calls and texts.

Funny thing is, I don't even KNOW my number on my pre-paid phone.
So, I haven't shared it with anyone really.
And, I kept thinking I'd only have it a day or two at most, yet here I am going on two weeks with a pre-paid basic little thing.
I feel like it's 2003. Lol.

The thing I miss most is probably Instagram.
And having Myfitnesspal at my fingertips.

Speaking of,

Girlfriend has got to get on the ball.
(yes, I'm talking about me.)

Today was a 'Snow Day', if you will, in Austin.
The nice thing about living in Texas means we will be wearing shorts tomorrow.
But to say I'm over this weather is an understatement.

In some ways, I love the cool air and definitely love the lack of mosquitoes. But, it is hard to convince me to get out of bed and into regular pants when it is perfectly acceptable to wear sweats.
Oh, and don't get me started on dang Valentine's candy.

I am over it.

I guess it may seem like I am fussing in these posts about exercising and fitness.
And, I am.
I totally need to get over this weird cold-weather funk and get on with it.
I was doing pretty decent through the holidays.
Time to get back on it.

SO, here is my plan of attack.

1.) Cut back on all the crap. Except to have ONE cheat day a week.
This doesn't mean I cheat ALL day but, if I want to splurge on a meal, I can.

2.) Start using my weights and bike again.
I just cleaned out our play-room/outside room and now I have tons of space to get my IRON on and bike.

3.) Start my protein shakes again. (Once a day). Not only does it fill you up but it promotes muscle building and health.

4.) Get back out on the trails with the kids. MOVE again. Run in the yard with the kids.

5.) Start an exercise class at the gym.
I think I can commit to one day a week at least.
Better yet, if I can get my tail out of bed before Justin goes to work. I could make 2-3 classes a week that way.

6.) Drink tons of water and limit alcohol.
Not that I drink often. I drink maybe one drink every month or two.  But, I just want to cut alcohol completely one day.
Don't get me wrong. I like a nice tasty drink when it's a special occasion. (On the beach or out for New Year's).  But, I really want to work on hydrating and treating my body good.
Plus, water is so good for the skin and hair.

7.) No food after 7pm.
This is hard the first week or so, but it really helps.
I usually have dinner ready for Justin when he gets home so he can eat and then go back to work.
My stomach takes some adjusting to this because I like to eat late night snacks with J. BUT, when I cut this it helped SO much.
Water with organic lemon juice will help fill you.

8.) SQUATS everyday!
I love em now!
To think, I use to hate squats. But man, I can't get enough.

I hate planks. But, I'm gonna get there.

Hate these more.
But, I'm gonna do em.

SOOOO just a few simple steps I'm going to start doing.

I start tomorrow :)

As for tonight, we have plans to go to Trudy's.
 I'll say it's my last HOORAH before I begin all this fitness fun.
And I'm going to clean the house (my de-stresser) and organize. You know I'm an OCD freak.  Justin even had a maid come when I was out of town. So the house itself isn't messy but, the crazy domestic diva in me has to CLEAN. I also enjoy cleaning because it also makes J happy.

Then tomorrow plans are to hit Town Lake and get my move on! If the weather is decent, which it is suppose to be, we will do a picnic at the park. I'll pack healthy snacks for us all :)

Also, I'm ready for SPRING!
And BOAT season.
I am ready to wake board this year.
I gave myself extra time last year to heal good from the csection since I had some issues. But, now I'm ready! So, strong abs are needed.
As usual, I plan to keep posted on here.
Hope everyone is having a lovely, cozy Friday!

Until next time,

Fluffy HK

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