Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Randoms and My Wifely Resolutions

Three posts in one week! 
I'd like to say I'm on a roll, but I may jinx things!

This is a small catch up on our day-to-day. And a bit of randoms through out!

As of now, Kie is my very independent 3 year old.
He kinda amazes me.
He wakes up usually earlier than me and would often pull me out of bed by the arm.
THAT was before we put up a baby gate in front of the door.

The baby gate wasn't for that.
It is for Kix.
My extremely wild little man.
See, without that gate...Kix is in my room, pulling open every single drawer.
And throwing said items into the toilet.

Kix, makes Kie seem like a docile little kitten.

Kix, is my wild, WILD boy!
He is precious as can be with his big blue eyes, long lashes and his dimples. Oh, and not to mention his curly little fluffy hair....
He is gonna be trouble, ladies, I predict it!

I always am curious about what kind of men my boys will grow up to be.

I know Justin was a mischievous little guy growing up.
And, I know I was an equally mischievous girl growing up....
so, I'm sure we will be on our toes at all times :)

Much like we are now.
Except, right now life is simple and sweet.

I can still steal away at night to their rooms so I can kiss their sweet little chubby cheeks and to move blankets and stuffed animals.

These days are sweet, for sure.

As you often hear moms say, 'the days are long but the time is short.'
It makes me sad to think my babies are growing so fast.

I'm constantly amazed by the vocabulary and words that Kie uses.
He is so very smart.
He also LOVES to spell and asks me to spell every one's name.
He can spell his name and Kix's very easily.
And he knows his letter and loves shapes.
He also is better at his colors, which relieves me because I think he may have a touch of color-blindness like his grandfather, his great-grandfather and his uncles.
But, it never slowed any of them down, they are all very successful :)

Anyway, as I was saying....
now that it's been winter we spend our mornings being lazy and cuddling.
If it warms up, we go outside to play. Or, we run errands around town.
We also go into our 'still in progress' classroom to play as well.

I've really slacked up on the home school stuff this winter....and I need to get it together for Spring.
But, my take is that soon enough Kie will be 'in school' sooo he may as well enjoy childhood when he can still learn on the-go.

As for these days, I'm longing for Spring.
I have put on some post-Christmas weight and ready to get back into working out and eating clean.

My little vacay to Atlanta meant a lot of home cooked goodness by my father.
And, I came home to a husband that enjoys feeding me.
He seriously has goodies for me everyday.

For instance, this morning I woke to Starbucks and a cream-filled chocolate donut.
Then I came home tonight from our Sunday school meeting and he had me sushi and chocolates.
(Not to mention beautiful flowers).

My husband spoils me.
He truly does.
I try my best to not forget how lucky I am.
Sometimes I think most men ARE like Justin. That this is normal to have fresh flowers every week and sweet little snacks and chores done for you daily.

And when I casually mention how 'I come home to clean house (mopped and laundry done, kitchen cleaned) and the kids are bathed and in bed'  my mom quickly tells me how that is very rare.

And he is. Justin is a very rare and special husband and father.

I mean, my dad was and still is an amazing dad.
But, Justin is something else. In his own league.

I know I often find myself writing about my husband but it's because how he continues to do and serve me and my family so much.

Last week when I was gone, he hit his own personal record of 115 hours at Land Rover in a week.
That is AMAZING to me!
Every week Justin works nearly 100 hours total at work.

And then he comes home and selfless serves me and our boys.

He never complains. I never have to ask him. He just does it.

I am lucky.
And, sometimes I wonder what I could do to possibly deserve someone like him.
I feel I don't do NEAR enough for him.

So, perhaps I'll make another resolution :)
(he wont read this until weeks later when he realizes I've been blogging again.)
Here is my list of wifely duties I plan to implement to be a better wife for my husband.

Halley's Wifely Resolutions: 

1.) Cook 5 Dinners a week. (I could say 6 but, I live in Austin where we have tons of great food sooo don't fault me)

2.) Aim to have the house cleaned and 'guest-ready' at least 3-4 days a week. **Especially when he arrives home from work.**
If you're may not understand that. But, if you have kids then you understand this will be a big deal.

3.) Be dressed and groomed for him everyday.
For us SAHMs....this means, fresh yoga pants and makeup on..and a shirt with no food or spit up on it.
To be fair, I do often try, but, to be really honest....I don't ever wear real pants.

4.) Always ask how work went...and LISTEN. Don't interrupt when he vents about work.

5.) Send sweet and sexy text messages everyday.

6.) Praise him for their good work and thank them for their help everyday.

7.) Try not to complain when they watch TV shows about Cars....(lol)
(Seriously you'd think after a DAY full of cars, he would want a break...nope!)

8.) Try to keep LAUNDRY and makeup off the 'marriage bed.' Always, bonus...make the bed everyday.

-This is by far my hardest to do. I always pile laundry on the bed to fold. Or, when getting dressed I absentmindedly put my makeup on the bed.
I want to keep the bed cleaned off so when he goes to bed he doesn't have to move said items. AND, if the mood is right, well.... we don't have to move said items.

9. Always wear perfume.
Yep, I'm girly like that.
I have nice perfumes for dates. And I have the Victoria Secrets Body sprays for everyday.

My advice on that is this, if your husband likes perfume...WEAR IT.
If he doesn't, then don't!
Justin LOVES perfumes as do I.
So, I wear them for both of us.
Or, if you don't want to wear it all day--spray it on before he comes home.

10.) Don't take life TOO seriously. LAUGH.

Some days this is SO easy. Justin makes me laugh a lot.
But, there are days when we ARE NOT LAUGHING.
I mean, there are days when the kids haven't been easy to deal with.
OR, I feel fat.
Or, I'm PMSING. Or, I'm snappy...
Or, whatever....

but, if you can laugh more days then not, it would be great!

ALSO, rules that are VERY important....
and should be just KNOWN FACTS...

1. Pray for your husband everyday.
2. Pray that his burden is light and that God is in his mind and heart while at work.
3. Respect your husband.
4. Pray WITH your husband.
5. Don't turn him down.....(some days you may have to, but girlfriend---if you're able and he is able...DO!)
6. Never belittle your husband in front of your children or when he is not around. Let them know you love their father!

SOOOO those are my rules for ME to work on.
If you have any you'd like to share or ones that work for your marriage...I'd love to hear them!

Well, this momma is up WAY past her bedtime.
Tomorrow I'm gonna have these rules out to remind me on what to work on!

Until next time,


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