Monday, May 16, 2011

Crazy crawling and catch ups

It's been awhile! But I'm still here.  A very quick update then the rest will be pictures!
Life has been hectic but good.
We had our garage sale last week--sold pretty much most of our nice things for 25 cents! So if you got to come by then it was a steal! 

We made nearly $500!  (1/3 Part of it was saved, 1/3 donated to a charitable cause and 1/3 to bills.)

Now, will I do another garage sale?
I don't know...It was a lot of work.  BUT I must say--I could not of done it without the help from my great, GREAT friends--Amanda and Warren!  And of course Justin!

Also my parents came in that weekend to watch Kie.  --Which turned out to be a blessed weekend.
Mother's Day was a wonderful blessing because I spent it with my Mother and as a mother!
We went to church and had lunch--and spent the rest of the day watching movies!

As for life--it's been going great.  God reminds me of my blessings daily and humbles me to remember to turn to Him always.

I've also been great about attending boot camp this past week.  I haven't seen a difference on the scale but I do feel a lot more in shape.  I actually feel muscles again!

My exciting NEWS for today is....DUN DUN DUN!!!

Kie went out on the LAKE for the first time!

I love that we have a boat and live so close to so many beautiful lakes.  And one of the things I dreamed about when I was pregnant was spending family time on the water.

So we went out on the water early to see if Lil Man liked it.  And he did!  So we spent all of the day out on Lake Austin.

Justin is an amazing wakeboarder so he worked on this seasons new moves and Carter joined in on the fun.

It was a great day on the water.

Also--like I had mentioned before Kie has been trained to sleep and nap.  He's done great until he realized he can crawl in his bed.  So now he will roll over and crawl until he gets in the corner of his crib and then gets very mad.  I then go in there to scoot him out of his corner and place him on his back in the middle of the bed.

Ah, that baby! He also likes to crawl under the sofa and get random appendages stuck under the couch.  He's only 6 months!  But, he's also a boy and I can tell I'll have my hands full with this adventurous little man.  He's just like his father.

Ok--enough talk, here's some pictures of the past week!

Until next time!

Mother's Day after Church
Kie's first garage sale (w/Grandmother)

Kie playing in his room

loves his sippy cup

Mom, Kie & I on Mother's Day

relaxing (yes he wears clothes some times)

loves those feet

web cam shot (love that face)

cutie patootie
feeding himself like a big boy

nursing on the water

my sexy husband

out on the boat

in the cove on the lake

my two favorite men

Carter & Chelsea

my man wakeboarding

K & J

Uncle Carter & Kie

May 15th was MPS Awareness Day
We love you Zach and Amelia Hope!!!


  1. loooove the pictures. You look great Halley! I so wish we had a boat.. If so I'd be out on the water every day during the summer. I could live out there! <3

  2. so fun! i remember those nursing wherever/whenever days too: on a boat, in ikea, at church, the "girls" just come out all.the.time. fun fun;)


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