Friday, May 6, 2011

quirky quirk Friday

Bonjour tout le monde!
(hello everyone)

So this week has been pretty amazing... but TODAY--I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Yes, I'm a little grumpy!

Let me explain.

SO--I have boot camp 3 days a week.  I've missed two (on purpose).  One for the Royal Wedding, one because Kie literally stayed up all night and then I missed today.

It was a miscommunication on who set the alarm.  We have two alarms. One is for the baby feedings we do at night (that I do at night). And one for work.

Anyway--Justin woke me at 6:30 am (when boot camp starts) and I had missed it.
Yes, AGAIN.  I'm so mad.
Not at Justin--tho he is the one who sets the alarm....but at myself. Ugh. Oh well.
What can I do?

I guess I won't be looking good and getting skinny for the beach this year.

I still have 6 weeks left but I am mad I've missed a week already.

Ok--so not only did I wake up super mad--I also have a headache.
Why do you wake with headaches?
I know I need caffeine yet there is no coffee or tea in the house.

Kie is currently napping (thank the sweet Lord) so I can't go for any now.

BUT let's go back to WHY this week was so great.
First off, Osama is NO longer a threat to the US.
The Rangers and the Mavs are doing great (go Texas teams!)
My mom's job that is a federal granted job--got their grant again for another five years!! Nice job security in a time where there is NO job security in the educational field.
It was Kie's 6 month birthday!!!
It was our anniversary.
I got diamond earrings, a huge bouquet of flowers AND day at the spa from my amazing, wonderful, generous-LOVING husband!
Seriously, the man spoils me!
It will also be my FIRST Mother's Day on Sunday...

and tomorrow....
We are having a garage sale!
Now let me further explain this garage sale ordeal. 
1.) I have NEVER had a garage sale before.
2.) I'm an OCD insane-o who can't stand clutter or having extra anything.
**besides extra cleaning supplies and things of that nature (toilet paper, paper towels etc.)
3.) I'm not sentimental*

I am SENTIMENTAL when it comes to things from my relationship/marriage to Justin.
Or things of my sweet baby.
Now--if it came PRIOR to my life with Justin--then it has no value to me.
I throw away everything.
It can be designer clothes, purses, shoes, home decor, furniture, plates sets, expensive jewelry...whatever.

I really have this weird quirk about me.
When Justin and I started dating awhile back--we cleaned out his house and literally tossed everything.
Because I am so OCD I couldn't take the clutter.  (Thankfully the man is very clean like me.)
Our house is clean, super organized and little to no clutter. Minus Kie's toys which do fill the house up.

But, besides that--everything is minimal.  
Less is more in my book.  Besides---we won't be taking our material things to Heaven?! So why grow an attachment to them? 
 ---Does this stop me from shopping excessively? 
NO! I love to shop! 
But my motto is this--ONE NEW THING IN--TWO THINGS OUT.

SO, the last few years of tossing great items or donating them...I decided maybe it's time to sell a few things.
So me, J, my girlfriend and her husband will be having the garage sale tomorrow at my house....and whatever money I make will be going into Kie's college savings!

Great idea huh?!
Btw, I will be uploading new pictures of the house--and our great looking backyard and garden SOON!
All our flowers are blooming and soon we will be starting our newest addition to the house...A NEW GAME ROOM!
I'm excited to have a room just for the pool table, darts, TV and more! 

Alright--mommas gotta go check on her sweet sleeping baby.
And get the house ready for company tonight.

until next time,

Momma K

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