Tuesday, May 31, 2011

movie reviews and raves

Daddy J and Kie after their run around Town Lake
Love my two boys 
Can't get enough of his baby boy.

Quick update and a few MOVIE reviews:

Hello all, 
My house is cleaned, baby is napping and momma has her yummy candles burning....

Ahh, nice HOT day in Austin-Texas.

First off, Memorial Day weekend was this past weekend.  Justin had to work so it wasn't a three day weekend like most people had.
Oh well, such is life!
My husband is the hardest working man I know. Dead serious.  He's a HOSS!

SO last night we were lying in bed and I asked him what were some of the reasons he loved me.  (You know how us girls get, we need some affirmation from time to time....) I swear, if men knew how EASY it is to please a woman---then they'd be surprised.  But hey, diamonds** don't hurt either ;) hehe
**my husband is more of the buy diamonds type then to articulate his feelings. If only he realized I'm a lot cheaper haha!

Anyway he named a lot of funny reasons why he loved me-- but there were two he said that really touched me.

He told me he loved me so much because he always felt love come from me.  He told me how he never felt cared for so much before.

I know I've mentioned before how he lost his father and his mother left him when he was 12.  He was also married before (never had love to begin with in that marriage) --so Justin knowa what it feels to lose love.  Or to feel he never really had it before.   Anyway, it touched my heart a lot to think he DOES feel genuine love from me.
(Sorry don't mean to get mushy) I just adore my man.  I hope I always feel this giddy and lovey dovey. 

Anyway--his other reason he mentioned he loved me is because of my strong faith and then he said "I was a good girl."  --Which I corrected him.... I'm merely a sinner SAVED by God's Grace (His son, Jesus Christ.)

  It was because of my faith in Christ that lead him to know Jesus as his personal Savior.

It just touched me what he had to say, because he isn't a man that opens up much.  (Obviously since I went asking for it.)  But when he DOES open up--he says some profound things.

Ok, enough of that mushiness ;)

Now for some MOVIE REVIEWS:

(Forgive me if these are old movies you've seen...) 
I rent from a kiosk. 
 I have a baby so I NEVER go to the movies.

So here I go.

The King's Speech.
Especially with the Royal Family all in the buzz--this little treasure of a movie will give you some great insight of the family.  I also loved the cinematography, a bit dramatic. 

Morning Glory
Justin even liked this one--and he isn't a chick flick kind of guy.
(With Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams)
A cute movie on how working hard and determination (and a love story) can get you where you want to be.  I love Rachel McAdams.  She's a great actress and she's beautiful.  As for Harrison Ford--I adore him--and this was definitely a different character than he usually plays.

 How Do You Know
(Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson and Reese Witherspoon)
I give it....
2 stars out of 5
I wouldn't say it was AWFUL--....but it was a bit SLOW and drawn out.
I say, find something better to do with your time. Unless you need a movie to put you to sleep.
THOUGH I may add--I liked that Reese played a softball player.  I use to be a softballer...so I could relate to that.

 The Way Back
This was actually a really good movie.  I never heard of it before Justin rented it.  It's a "guy" movie but it's based off a true story.  It's a lot of history and I felt as though I learned a lot. I'd definitely recommend it.  Also--I love Ed Harris and Colin Farrell.  Great, great acting.

Country Strong
If you like being depressed--and like cheating spousal stories, then this is your movie.
The music is great SO I'd just get the soundtrack off iTunes. 
Otherwise, I wish I would of known how horrible it would of ended and I'd not wasted my time.
I love Tim McGraw and I'm a HUGE country music fan.  But this movie just depressed me.
I guess I'm more of a happy ending, learn a great lesson kind of movie person.

ALRIGHT--that's all my movie reviews. Pretty random--but that's what I've watched in the last two weeks or so and thought I'd share!  Until next time <3


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