Friday, May 27, 2011

free ramble Friday

HAPPY Friday!
And since it's HAPPY Friday--I decided to make a list of some of the things that make me smile!
First off--waking EVERY morning to my sweet, smiling baby is the best way to wake up! 
**this was taken during a brief nap--I never let Kie sleep through the night on his stomach.  He's definitely supervised if he DOES nap on his stomach though!

I also love love love my two boys more than anything...
I LOVE waking up to a CLEAN house.
(picture not included)
I love being OUT on the lake in Austin!!

I love milk.

 I love skim milk.  I'm the weird one that will drink it after a workout.  I wake up in the middle of the night (to nurse or check on Kie) and I will grab the carton and take a swig!
(Yes I have lovely manners--and NO, no one else drink the milk in the fridge.)

I also love how Kie is in the great stage of LEARNING things.  Sure he learns everyday, but now that he is mobile he is CONSTANTLY learning.
And so am I!
Case in point, I folded some clothes and went to put them up--
and when I came back Kie had managed to crawl between the couch and the ottoman.
I don't know how he got there so fast...or wedged himself between the two pieces of furniture.
Speaking of laundry, he loves to watch the washing machine and the clothes roll around in a circle.
Also feeding Kie now is like taking a chance with a Venus Fly Trap.  You gotta move quickly and swiftly with the food or it MAY be your finger.  (Luckily he's still toothless).

Another happy thing is I've been CAFFEINE free for over a week.
That means no diet cokes and best of all--NO COFFEE!
My twice (thrice) a week Starbucks run is GONE! 
Not only do I have MORE energy from fueling my body properly and more healthy--but I also SAVE on calories and save my money!

I met with a dietician over a week ago to get some help because I was having some massive headaches and thought they were tied to my caffeine addiction love.
Turns out that was part of the problem.  (The rest of it was hormonal--ya for being a woman!)
Anyway--she gave me some huge insight on food and proper fueling of your MIND, BODY and overall spirit.
So for the past week I cut out all processed foods, starches and sugars.  And let me tell you, the first 3-4 days were rough--but now I have MORE energy and feel so great!  Not at all sluggish after only sleeping 4-6 hours.
I also love that baby Kie Pie is learning to kiss me!!
His way of kissing is having his tongue out and kinda just having his mouth open and on my cheek.  But hey, I'll take it!! 
Lil Man is growing up so fast and it makes me sad.  But I love to see his personality show more and more.

By far his favorite things to do is still be held by me--
and playing with his DaDa (btw why are these the FIRST syllables babies say?!
totally not fair!)  He does say "DA DA" but it's a string of "da da da da da's"

Also with this May passing us by and graduation season it makes me reminisce about my days at the BEST University of TEXAS!!!

I love that I'm a PROUD Alumnae of UT.
I'm also grateful that I finished school!!
I still wouldn't mind getting my master's.  But I think that is something I'd save to do once my babies are in grade school.

My mom got her Master's while I was growing up and I remember attending her graduation  I think I was in the 3rd or 4th grade.  Anyway, I know if my mom can do it while working AND with three kids, then I could strive for that as well!
(A PHD would be even better! I've always like the sound of Dr. Halley haha) 

I just really want Kie to be proud of his mother and know that I did TRY to do my best.
It's funny how becoming a mother makes you want to be the BEST possible person you can be.
I definitely fall on my face...
But God knows NOW I turn to Him--which is the biggest improvement anyone could make.

ALSO I thought I'd share my little paint project I did a few weeks back.  It's nothing big but just a little splash of color in a spare bathroom.

 I actually should show the other paint job I did on our breakfast area....
I'll post it next time.  Blogger never wants to cooperate with me--and I haven't the patience for it.

So what's everyone's Memorial Day plans?  Justin is working on Monday so it's really a normal weekend for us.

Maybe spend some more time on the water---and we got some shopping to do! We haven't been to COSTCO in awhile (love that place) and we need some things for the beach vacay-new beach chairs, some tents and floaties. 

And Justin is taking his scuba gear to Florida....
I'm hoping that I get certified soon!  
That's one of my other countless goals.

Ahhh Kie just threw up on the desk. Guess that's my que to go.... ;)

Until next time,


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