Tuesday, May 24, 2011

nap time news

I shouldn't be blogging right now (though little man is napping.)

Really I should be cleaning house, doing laundry, paying bills, writing some letters, sending our checks... or working out.
I mean, I have six weeks till we're lounging at the beach!

LIFE is good.
It is HOT here in Austin-Texas--which means we've been finding ways to cool down.
Kie had his first swim time in a pool this past Sunday.  It was so much fun!
There's a new YMCA at Oakhill and we took Kie for some fun OUT of the sun.
He loved the water and enjoying splashing it all in my face.

Also we spent another Saturday on the water.  By far my favorite thing to do in our lovely city.
My best friend, Caitlin, was in town so it was double the fun!

Not much for me to say--this heat and my LONG to do list are zapping me of my creative juice.
Maybe I'll get around to showing off my new paint jobs I've done around the house.
Oh and my next 4 weeks of BOOT camp starts next week. This was my off week.
I'm still a long way from having a six pack but I definitely enjoy feeling old muscles working again....(I just need to remind me of this when I'm waking at 5am to workout).  Enough rambles...

Enjoy the pictures!

BTW--have I mentioned how....

Kie enjoying his snacks on the lake

Glenn & Caitlin

trying to get a tan

Glenn driving

My bff & former roomie!

sleeping baby Kie


getting some air

crawling around in the boat

thirsty baby

J & mimi J 

baby's first swim

testing out the water

not sure yet

momma and baby K

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