Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 6 Month & Wedding Anniversaries

Mucho to catch up on!

First off, 
Today was Kie's 6 MONTH birthday!

He is growing great.  Nearly 19 pounds (26 1/2") of pure sweetness and all BOY!
Once again his Doctor is very pleased on how healthy, happy and very aware he is.

I love to see his personality show more and more each day...but it also breaks my heart to see how fast time flies!

If only I could press pause for a bit.

I am blessed to get to spend nearly every waking minute with him.  So for that, I'm so grateful for!

So far Kie is
Of course rolling everywhere as well.
Sitting up (with assistance)
On occasion he'll eat some food solids--
He drinks from a sippy cup (ok he's done this just once--for some water.)

best of all,
He's on a sleep/nap schedule!

Ok, so I was the mom that resisted schedules because we are a very spontaneous family.
You never know when my husband will be working late OR home early.
Sometime he wants to go to dinner or take the boat out on the lake for an evening ride.
Or, there are the weekends we go off to see family--
spend time with friends
go to music festivals 
or what have you.

So, I was ANTI-schedule--
Because I did not want to be a mom stuck in the house for months on end.

Not to say we had routine---98% of the time!

But low and behold, Kie wasn't sleeping-which meant I was not sleeping either.

Then we started a schedule--and at 8pm, Kie is in bed.
He is now trained!
Who knew you could train a baby?!
I didn't know this because I was untrainable.
My parents were lucky because I was a great baby, but as a child--I was WILD.

Soooooo, I just thought you either had a baby that was on 'schedule' or you didn't.
And I was too prideful to buy some baby books or ask for advice---however I was humbled by the 5 night stretch of waking up every 2 hours to play.

So, here we are--DAY TWO:
Kie is asleep at 8pm!


Tomorrow is mine and JUSTIN'S anniversary!

On a lovey, dovey note....

I am so blessed and grateful and joyful I married him.
He is generous, loving, kind, sweet, caring, hard working, handsome, humbled, gracious and selfless when it comes to me and our son.

He is fun, smart, talented, witty and amazing!

I am one blessed wife to have a good, Christian husband.

Ok, enough mushy stuff <3

Tomorrow for our anniversary we will be going to Alamo Draft House for dinner & to watch
Water For Elephants!

I read the book years ago--so I'm curious to see how it matches up.
Btw, can I just mention I think my husband is getting me a last minute anniversary card?
He left 40 minutes ago to get a blizzard and the Dairy Queen is literally 10 minutes (if that) away.

He is doing better than me, because I've yet to get one.

I was going to write a lot more but I'm tired and tomorrow I have boot camp.

I have been bad and skipped it Monday and then again last Friday for the ROYAL WEDDING.

So no excuses for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day!
In fact, this week has been pretty awesome.
Kie's 6 month birthday, our anniversary, Mother's Day this weekend.
My parents are coming into town...
I'm hosting my first garage sale.
I have secret surprise date on Saturday...

ahhh, I gotta get better about this blogging.

Until next time
sweetest baby boy in the world

a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do

my two silly boys

my chunky monkey

lil man and his friends

crawling everywhere

bath time fun


  1. crawling at 6 months?! that's pretty impressive! happy 6 months!

  2. Oh my goodness, he is precious. I love him so much! and you too!! Can't wait to catch up soon.

    Happy Anniversary!!! Love you both! Y'all deserve some "us" time- Water For Elephants is a great movie.


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