Thursday, April 7, 2011

date night!

One of the best things about being a momma to me is waking up every morning (regardless of the lack of sleep) and having a smiling baby greet you in their crib.

Kie has the sweetest, biggest toothless grin!  He shares that sweet smile with me throughout the day.
But what is best is that very first grin of the day!
Like, "Well hello Momma! I've been dying to see you!"
It's like having a puppy greet you when you get home!

I know that Kie probably won't be smiling at me every morning of his life, so I cherish these moments!

Also tonight is OUR DATE NIGHT! Whoo hoo!
Justin and I have been blessed to have my mom babysit for us before.
And we've also had my wonderful brother and his sweet girlfriend, Chelsea, babysit too.

I don't think I'll EVER be at the point to hire a babysitter.  Though I use to babysit and nanny for people (and I was amazing at it) but I don't think I'm ready to do that.  Family babysitting is great because they don't mind that I text and call every 15-20 minutes to see what Kie is up to.

Yes, I'm obsessive.

Uncle Carter really is great with Kie.  He treats Kie like a fragile little egg.
When secretly I know that if you ever dropped my baby, he'd probably bounce!

(No I'd never never try nor say that to him! Ha!)

Uncle Carter is also great about calling my MOM (whose an expert with children and babies) and asking her questions about things instead of stressing me.  Small things of course, like "how many times to wipe Kie's behind" or "how many burps does he need to do before he lays him back down?"

We also live ONE mile from our hospital, so I know Carter and Chelsea could run Kie over there in case of an emergency.  Which I don't anticipate but it makes me happy we are so close to a readily accessed emergency room.

Anyway, it's FIRST Thursday here in Austin.  Which means all these food vendors, jewelry and clothes vendors set up their booths and shops on South Congress.  It's basically like a mini fair (without the scary unsafe rides).  They have the cutest clothes too!  It's all local people and designs.  So you know you have something truly unique if you make a purchase.

It's really a fun time to go out because all the people and families everywhere mingling.  We are going baby-less tonight (though it's family friendly).  We will be taking the Ruckus out tonight. Which is how we dated prior to Kie being here.  I love taking the Ruckus because the weather is great here and we get FRONT ROW JOE parking.  So tonight, though it's family friendly--we will be having adult time.  Which means, momma will enjoy a glass of wine.  And adult conversation! I'll try and refrain from texting Uncle Carter or talking about Kie non-stop.

This is a ruckus.  Though, ours is a lot nicer looking because Justin 'tricked' it out.  Basically it's like a scooter and a motorcycle.  It goes faster than a scooter (35-40 mph) and not so scary like a motorcycle.
I love the Ruckus because I can drive it--and it's so easy to take anywhere!  During the summer we would never get in the car and just take it everywhere we went.  Obviously now with a baby we take our cars.

This is one of my favorite reasons for living downtown!  We can go anywhere pretty easily and park anywhere as well.
Copyright Thursday

South Congress
-Austin, Texas-

I think we are going to Perla's tonight.  We went while I was pregnant and it's a seafood place.  So since I was so sensitive to the smell of things, I made them change our seating to the patio because I had to get away from the smell of all the food! Ha! 


Anyway, I gotta get the house cleaned and dinner started tonight for Carter and Chelsea.
What's so awesome about family babysitting is all I gotta do is provide dinner!
(At least in terms of Uncle Carter, he's 22 and in college--so home cooked meals go a long way!)

I do want to post some cute pictures of Kie and his little 7 month friend, Mario at the park from yesterday.

It was so sweet!  Kie is bigger than Mario in weight and length.  My boy is going to be a lineman!  I don't know where he is getting his size from.  Though his daddy is 6 feet tall, he is super lean.  And I'm pretty petite (5'3") myself.

oh well, I rather have a big boy to protect his momma one day!

Mario investigating Kie's face! Look at that chunky baby arm! I love baby arms.

Kie is drooling a bit.  They were seriously so cute together.

Me and Malu (Mario's mom) walk together in the park once or twice a week.  And the babies usually just stay
cooped up in their strollers, never really "meeting" one another.  So we decided we'd let them interact some.

Well, I'm going to go finish up the house work and get started on dinner.

And definitely truly grateful for Uncle Carter and Chelsea!

until next time,


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  1. Yall have fun tonight!!! I cant wait for a date night myself!! If I lived closer i'd keep Kie whenever! He is soooooooooooooo cute!!!


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