Thursday, April 21, 2011

hair hair everywhere

Probably not an appropriate title.

I was going to write about hair...and I still will. But I have OTHER things to post as well.

Anyway, let my hair rant begin!

(Ok, it's literally going to be cut short--because Lord love him, my husband is sitting next to me waiting to hand off the little man to me.)  It's his bed time and he always needs his MOMMA to put him down. Ya know momma has that special touch, aka--momma has the milk bags.

alright--well lake season is upon us.  And that means, short shorts, tank tops, bathing suits and cute spring dresses!

Of course for us ladies, that means lots of extra time spent on our grooming.  Painted toe nails, toned legs and arms, not to mention a form of tan (spray or natural) and of course smooth, HAIRLESS legs.

Now--prior to being a momma, I'd spend my money on anything and everything to beautify myself.  I always spent it on 'going out' clothes, new makeup, getting my hair done, shoes, name it!

I also did the laser hair removal.  It seriously cost and arm & a leg.  I got it done on my legs, underarms, and everywhere else imaginable that is covered up by let's pants!

I am not a big fan of hair....

Less hair the better! (In fact, I think this way about men too.) Luckily my husband has no back and minimal chest hair. Not to mention he shaves his head.  The only hair I like on a man is the little bit of scruffy a man gets from missing ONE shave.  Kinda the sexy, disheveled look.  ::This look only applies if you are sexy and can pull it off, like my man or Jason Statham::

Anyway--like I was saying...In the days before baby I had been getting laser hair removal (yes painful & yes expensive) AND electrolysis done.  **The later is done because I'm a natural blonde, so laser only removes DARK hair.  Therefore I had to have electrolysis along with laser.

I had probably about 5-6 electrolysis appointments and 4-5 laser appointments.

I soon found out I was pregnant, and I discontinued my laser appointments and electrolysis.
--though, I do believe electrolysis is still safe during pregnancy I just wanted to make sure and didn't want to regret doing anything while pregnant.

Well everything grew back--and basically all my money went down the drain.

Though, during the time of getting hair removed I did notice it was growing in at a lot SLOWER rate than usual.

BUT, it definitely was not permanent--of course I still had a few more sessions to go to--but still I was well past the half way mark!

So this spring (since I'm not pregnant) I am back to caring about my legs (and now I can see them).  I am wanting to do something about my hair.  No, I am not a hairy person.  In fact, I have mostly blonde hair.  Let's say I HAD to grow out my leg/arm would be hard to see.  But still, like I said--I don't like hair.

I guess that's my dilemma.

I don't like hair and I don't know what to do.

Waxing isn't for me. Shaving is a daily battle...and I don't have the big bucks (nor would I care to spend it again) for laser or otherwise.

I guess I will just have to battle the hair the old fashion way.

With long pants., I'm kidding.

Seriously, if anyone has a great suggestion for dealing with unwanted hair let me know!

ON to other fun topics.

Me and my sweet husband of mine signed up for BOOT CAMP!


For three days a week for 4 WEEKS we will be doing a boot camp at 6:30 IN THE MORNING by the lake.

How great is that?! And we also got it discounted! Ever heard of Groupon?  --well we got it through Groupon and got another discount for being SPOUSES!  
So money in our pockets for being MARRIED and also we're on the road to a leaner, toned body and more stamina and endurance!

**Though I may add my husband seems to be melting away.  I feed him all the time. Home cooked meals 5-6 days a week and he still manages to lose weight?  I mean, he's not some young teen or some 20 something year old.  But his metabolism THINKS he is.  Totally not fair.

On the other hand this momma can't wait to lose the inches and get some definition!  I'm actually signed up for 2 boot camps.  One starts this MONDAY.
Then I'm doing one later, closer to our beach vacay!
 It's called Camp Gladiator.  It's actually a Christian base organization.  Justin and I will be going to separate camps and different times.  (Obviously one of us has to be with Lil Man!)

I'm pretty excited and a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.  I have a feeling I'm going to get my tail kicked, it's been awhile since I've had a serious workout.  (Jogging and stroller pushing don't count in my book.)

PS--Did I mention Kie is crawling!? Yes, he's crawling.  And me, being the bad mom that I am...I pick him up and carry him!  I do NOT want him crawling yet!  I want my BABY to stay a baby.
I can't put him on the bed anymore and if lay him on his blanket for two seconds to run to the restroom he is across the floor when I get!  He's not even 6 months yet!  AHHH, time where are you going?!?!

Enough already... I'm off to bed.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed EASTER!!

What a beautiful season it is.


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