Thursday, April 14, 2011

stray thoughts thursdays

Have I mentioned that Kie isn't eating solids yet?!


"But he's on his way to be six months old! He SHOULD be eating solids!?"

Nope. Kie isn't eating solids.

I have tried...but he's just simply not interested.

First I tried cereal (two times to be exact).  I originally started the cereal because I thought it would help him sleep longer.  Nope, didn't work.  --And how selfish of me! I still feel bad for doing this.  <----Mommy guilt at it's finest!

I waited a few weeks later, tried again.  As Daddy J was starting to feed him, I got sad and pulled the spoon away.  "This isn't what I wanted to do," I thought.

JUST because other moms started their babies on cereal, didn't mean we had to do so.

Then my friend shared this with me Eat a bit better.

I was glad I wasn't feeding Kie the cereal.

So, then I started making my own baby food.

Fresh, delicious, organic baby food.

How about a little avocado?
Kie readily shoved the spoon in his mouth.  (He's a brilliant baby who knew exactly what to do, even after only eating ONCE from a spoon.)
Nope not that interested.  Sure, he ate it but I could tell he wasn't really IN to eating it. I'm his mother, I know these things.

How about a little sweet potato? (Days and days later.)

Once again, he opened wide.  Ate it.  But still, same reaction....not that interested.


I offer him the boob.

His excitement in his eyes and eagerness to eat his favorite food was written all over his sweet, chunky baby face.

Ahh, this is where WE both feel comfortable.

My lil man is a boob man.

He thrives off his momma's milk.

He's 5 months and 2 weeks......and 19 pounds (by our home scale).  ::He was born 6lbs, 10 oz::

So yes, I (WE) love the breast feeding.  And the bonding.  Because I know these days are short lived.   I feel proud I can fulfill and satisfy Kie's appetite and his taste buds.  (My diet is pretty healthy and varies to give Kie a preview of foods for WHEN he's ready.)

Will I be the mom nursing after he's one years old?

You bet! If he'll have me (and the girls.)

I feel blessed I'm able to nurse. Regardless what it's done to the ladies! lol

And his doctor said he's in no rush for Kie to start weaning.  He said if Kie wasn't growing like he was, then solids may be necessary.  In fact, his words were "to keep doing what we're doing."

I will still introduce him to other solids down the road.  But, as for now.  Kie is strictly breast fed.

And that's the way we both like it!


  1. I think you are doing the right thing! Follow his cues and you will be fine. You are providing everything he needs and he is growing and is healthy and that is what is most important right?

  2. yep, totally normal. my kid loved nursing too. we had a good run of it, 13 months total. now he eats EVERYTHING in sight. seriously, so fun. ;)


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