Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new neighbors

Sooooo we got some new neighbors that moved in this week (there's a rent house beside us).

I think they are musicians.

Or something.

I've yet to see them move in any furniture but they have two Land Rovers...(so at least we have that in common.)

And they don't work during the day. All they do is sit on the back patio and smoke.

Well the last three nights they seemed to start moving and getting super loud and noisy at 12:30-1:00am-ish.


I hope they know they live by a momma who isn't afraid to say something.

SO last night, after Kie woke up and I was climbing back into bed trying to sleep I wasn't able tooo... due to their obnoxiously loud conversations they were having.

I would totally understand if they worked all day and HAD to move in during the late of late hours of the night.  But no, they are home all day!

What do these dudes do?

(there are two of em).

Anyway, I have my Harriet the Spy mode on to get the low down on these fellows.

Hope I won't need to report anything.

Btw, this momma did go workout for an hour today.  Also, doing some Zumba tonight.

I'm BOUND and determined to get some muscle definition again!

Until next time,


helping momma cook in the kitchen

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  1. sheesh, how rude of them. yeah. that would NOT fly with me. they better stop that, SOON! love the pics! good job on working out... i need to get on that!


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