Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Helloooo blog world, my how times FLIES! (seriously, where's the pause button!?)
Last I left off, I was going on a date with my handsome hunk.
My love, my best friend, my husband.

So sexy ;) Love my Californian boy.
I have a million and one reasons why I love this man. Some too explicit for my blog.  --Ha! That'd blog would have to be written under an alias.
Anyway, I digress (I cannot stay on track to save my life!)

Alright--date night went great. We went to Zax and the dinner was so delicious! We had never been there and got the suggestion from one of our couple friends.

Afterwards, we met up with some friends and went to some dive bars.  One on South Congress then we went to west 6th to play some board and billiard games.
Warren, Amanda, Me & Justin--I was laughing/cheesing so big because the man
that took our picture held the camera upside down for the longest time and couldn't figure it out.
riding on the ruckus, me being goofy.  Justin not cooperating!
I mean, the night was great. But I felt like a fish out of water.
We use to be THE couple out on the town. We were always going to the hippest (is that a word that young people still use today?) bars, hitting up all the newest restaurants and we knew everyone!  We always got tickets to the best concerts in town and never had to pay for a drink *mostly* anywhere we went.
Now, I feel totally out of place. 
It's not my scene AT ALL.
Funny thing is, I saw some "bar regulars" we knew from back in the day.
Sad thing is, they've not changed.
Still sitting in the same places, at the same bars, doing the same shots.
Needless to say, I don't miss THAT life.
I prefer the sweats or the yoga pants, the spit up on my shoulder (or in my hair) the diaper bag instead of the clutch (going out purse), the sitting on the sofa cuddled up on a Saturday night and home-made or takeout dinners over the sitting in a bar or spending a few hundred dollars on ONE meal.
I mean, it's a nice splurge when we do out go. 
I feel guilty when we do spend like that.  Justin, however doesn't seem to mind one bit.
  We do think it's very important to reconnect as a couple. And to make time for one another.
---Weekend~wise,We worked on the house. (Lots of future pictures to come).  Justin finished my new storage closet. We also went to church--such a great message (blog to come).
Before--it held the water heater (J working hard on removing pipes and sheet rock)

Now fully loaded with all my extra cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, and cook books (that took space in the kitchen!)

That's about it in a nutshell.
Now for a few pictures.
Kie today went swinging in the park for the first time today!  (With his sweet friend, Mario).
I'm currently forcing myself to go to the gym--tho, I don't want to.

I can't lose this @#$%* baby weight!
Probably because I had McDonald's and ice cream today?!

well next blog will be interesting.
I promise!
I have a lot to say and I need the time to sit down and finish my post.
--Maybe if Kie becomes successful at napping then I'll get to it.

--Until next time--


cutie in a swing!

sweet babies

Kie's friend, Mario. So sweet.

boys will be boys

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