Monday, April 18, 2011

merely momma insomnia

hello blog world.
I should be sleeping.  But I can't.
Story of my life.
Seriously, since -before- Kie was born and when I found out we were expecting...I could never sleep.

Especially those last few weeks when I was super large and uncomfortable. (think I had my own gravitational pull around my belly.) hehehe Yes I just made a Family Guy reference.

Now I can't sleep because my body is use to the non-sleeping it does during the night.  I'm nocturnal now.  Yet I do need and long for my sleep, it just does not come.

I try counting my blessings or talking to God.  But I find myself going off on some crazy tangent in my brain.

Perhaps I need to pray more not when I'm wishing to fall asleep.

I also miss Kie a lot.  I know he's safe and asleep down the hall from me.  But, I just miss those sweet days when we would co-sleep.  Of course, he started kicking me and I was glad to move him to his own bed.  But, it still didn't help me sleep.

Anyway--I guess as a momma, you never sleep and God preps you for that during those 9 months.

Now for quick update on the weekend.
Friday, we had a triple date!  Me and Justin went out with Kie and my friend Mindy and her husband---and their sweet 3 month old princess, Janu.
It was a fun night of good food and great company!  I look forward to spending more time with their family.

Saturday, Justin and I worked hard in the yard.  It looks SO good.  I will be posting pictures on the next blog (camera is in the bedroom with my sleeping husband--and I don't want to fumble around looking for it in the dark.)

I also felt like Handy Mandy (the girl-version I made up of Handy Manny) because I was lugging around fence posts and helping mix and pour concrete.  Of course I was also running back and forth to Lil Man who was safely relaxing in the shade in his pack-n-play.

Sunday--was of course church time.  I cannot tell you how much we both love going to our Sunday school and church.  God has really answered our prayers in helping us get settled in an amazing church with wonderful people.  I also am still working on getting more involved.

We also set a date for Kie to get dedicated.  It will be on Father's Day!  I had the choice of doing it on Mother's Day--but since Justin lost his father at such a young age, and this is his son, his firstborn--I wanted to honor him as well.  (Of course we will both be there and recognized.)  But I wanted this day to be very special for Justin.

Father's Day, prior to Kie, has always been a bit bittersweet to J.  So anyway, we're looking forward to that special Sunday!

As for this week--I have a lot to do--and little time to get it all done.  We are leaving to go to Dallas this weekend for a big family-filled Easter. The grandparents, all my siblings and of course all the sweet baby cousins!   Friday night we are watching the Texas Rangers play! It will be Kie's first professional sporting event to go to.

Then Saturday we will be having an Easter egg hunt with all the grandbabies (Kie-5 1/2 months, Archer 4 1/2 months and Amelia 2 years).   Saturday night I'm meeting up with my best friend from the DFW, Caitlin--so she can finally meet Justin and Kie.  It's been a long time since I've seen her!  But regardless, we're still best friends.

And Sunday of course is Easter.  
By the way, I hope everyone's hearts are getting prepped for this wonderful day!
Our preacher has been doing a mini-series of Jesus' last weeks before the crucification.  And this past sermon was about his slow painful death on the cross.  His description of Christ's last hours on this earth as man was so gut wrenching...
I nearly got sick in the pew.  
He was merely trying to explain the agonizing pain He endured for us.  A blameless, sinless, lamb of God--bounded and nailed to a cryptic cross for my disgusting, sickening sins.  
I put Christ on that cross.  My selfish and sinful self put the Son of God--to death--JUST like he was some criminal.  How horrible is that?  That Christ carried MY CROSS?  I do not understand God's love for us.  But, I do know that HE truly loves us SO, SO very much He was willing to let His only Son die on a cross.  God turned His back on His son, so that WE could have forgiveness!
How crazy yet wonderful is that?  I know I need to be on my knees everyday thanking God for His son and His mercy.   Because there is NOTHING, 
N-O-T-H-I-N-G we can do as humans, to get eternal life in Heaven without Christ's sacrifice.

I just get amazed and dumbfounded by God's mercy.  I really don't understand how wonderful He is.  I'm just in awe of His love.  

So yes, feel free to slap me when I forget that and remind me (and humble me) when I get too full of Halley or this world.  Because goodness knows none of that is fulfilling.

Welp, that's it for now. Me and my tangents.

Next blog, I think I'll be talking about hair.
Yes, hair.

And how I don't like it.
No, not the hair on your head.

But the hair that grows everywhere else (eyelashes excluded!)

Exciting I know.

Alright, here's to wishing you a bonne nuit!


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  1. He is sooo cute!!!!!! I'm also starting to not be able to sleep as well!!!! If I hear any noise at all I'm up.. It's soo annoying! Anyway, I know I saw this all the time. but I wish you lived closer!!!!


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