Thursday, April 21, 2011

hot moms

sooo maybe it's a new trend or perhaps I'm just late on following the hot moms and chic ladies...but what's up with everyone posting pictures of themselves in cute clothes?!

I'm not against it.  But it seems everyone is a model and everyone is walking around like they just got off a Kohl's shoot.

(Or a hipster one.)

Does everyone seriously walk around with their cute lil belts, headbands, tights and heels on?

Oops! I must be failing at this new mom thing.

I'm usually wearing spandex pants, a comfy t-shirt and flip flops.

Of course, when I'm walking Lil Man I'm wearing my tennis shoes.

I never wear makeup.  And my hair is usually in a pony tail or in a Nike cap.


Maybe I need to spruce it up a bit?

I'd show ya picture of me now but I'm in pjs and it's nearly 2:00am and we'll ya don't need to see that.

Alright--I'm going to try posting a picture of me every time I blog NEXT WEEK.
And no, I don't know where everyone is getting their own photog......
I have a husband who works too late and if I started to ask him to photograph me for my blog then he'd die laughing.

Sooooo MY webcam it is!!!

Hot moms & chic ladies out there with the cute clothes and awesome portraits and pictures--I'm not hating, I just am amazed how cute yall look every day!  One of the reasons I love being a SAHM is the ZERO DRESS CODE!

Of course a gal like me loves to play dress up.  But in my realistic world, I barely have time to wash my hair much less apply makeup and squeeze myself into cute jeans and tight tights!  **See, I'm still waiting for my pre-pregnancy body to emerge.


Anyway, yall keep rocking what yall got! 
And I'll be here representing the yoga pants and the oversized T's!

--Until next time--

A photo-less


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